Instrumental Music

Angel with harpThe 16 Acts of Worship

The Question of Silence

Expressio Unius

Going Beyond That Which is Written

The Argument Against the Instrument Based on History

Entertainment, Applause, and Worship

Richland Hills, Instrumental Music, and the Future of the Churches of Christ, Part 1

Richland Hills, Instrumental Music, and the Future of the Churches of Christ, Part 2

Richland Hills, Instrumental Music, and the Future of the Churches of Christ, Part 3

Instruments of Music

Reflections on the Instrumental Music Question

A Time to Speak

A Debate on Instrumental Music, Part 1

A Debate on Instrumental Music, Part 2

A Debate on Instrumental Music, Part 3

Merry Christmas, Part 1

Merry Christmas, Part 2

Upgrading a Church of Christ Worship Service Without Buying a Guitar

-Part IIA

-Part IIB

-An Email

A Plea to Reconsider


Must We Have Authority?

Must We Have Authority? Further Thoughts

What’s Not Religious?

A Return to Creeds?

Abusing Restoration Movement History

On How Hard Humility Is: The Conclusion of It All

In Response to an Email on Instrumental Music

The Temple Argument

I Am No Music Scholar

Powerful Arguments for Traditional Music

A Question About Transitions

The Patristic Evidence and The Regulative Principle, Part 1 Part 2

A Parallel Argument

Survey Request

Instrumental Music: An Experiment in Christian Dialogue

Instrumental Music: Justin Martyr and the Instrument

Instrumental Music: Regarding Karate, Dance, and Roast Lamb in the Assembly


11 Responses

  1. I remember as a child going to a Church of Christ with a friend who was a member… (I had also been learning trombone and music theory around then) When we went to sing a hymn I was shocked when the ‘music’ leader pulled out a pitch pipe and gave us a root note to which we sang with no music. My favorite part about Church is the music and as a child I mainly went to ‘Black’ Churches just to play in the Praise and Worship band.
    I think music is very much a part of God!

  2. solesaver,

    (Don’t tell anyone, but I’m partial to gospel music myself. I think it comes from growing up listening to Motown.)

  3. The link to The 16 Acts of Worship does not link.

    Please repair.

    Again, I thank you!

  4. Dennis, I fixed it. Thanks very much for pointing the glitch out to me.

    (This is one is my fault. I re-posted it for a later date and forgot to update the index.)

  5. I see many articles that deal with silence of the scriptures about music in the Church. The scripture is sepecific when it says to sing. And furthermore in Acts 17:24-25 Paul states that God is not served (worshiped ) in temples made by man. We understand that, but what about verse 25 which should eliminate any man made objects from being used to worship God. That would include icons of any kind including man made instruments.

  6. Do you use any worship songs that were written by the hands of men?

    Where does the Bible give you authority to have song leaders when you sing, to use song books when you sing, to have choirs, to have separate Sunday school classes, to use visual aids other than the Bible when teaching the Scriptures, all in which the church of Christ denominations do?

  7. And I hope you don’t worship in a building since they are built by men’s hands. Looks like it’s only outdoor worship for you.

  8. And the context of what Paul said was not about instrumental music but about false idols made by men out of gold and silver, these people were worshiping objects made by men (Acts 17:29).

    “Therefore, since we are the offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Divine Nature is like gold or silver or stone, something shaped by art and man’s devising.”

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