Faith vs. Opinion: What Did Campbell Really Mean?

TeacherA short article originally written in an email debate over whether you’ll be damned if you believe women may be deacons. (You won’t be, even if you’re wrong.) Here’s the article: Faith vs. Opinion


Our Repentance Hypocrisy

TeacherThere are several questions that the Churches of Christ are wrestling with today, but I believe we may have missed one of the most important ones: what does it mean to repent? Amazingly, this question has divided many of us from one another for decades. It’s time to give some attention the question. Continue reading

An Unconventional Approach to Mission

FootwashingA short paper on the mission of the church, a bit out of the mainstream:

An Unconventional Approach to Mission

On Building a Church Building

church under constructionSome lessons learned from chairing a building program and expansion. Building

How to Argue Like a Christian

TeacherA series of lessons on getting rid of bad logic and other bad habits in how we debate doctrine. How to Argue Like a Christian

Understanding 2 John 9: Do I Have to Have Perfect Doctrine to Go to Heaven?

TeacherI’ve been chatting with a number of well-known authors about “tests of fellowship,” that is, doctrines that you have to get right to go to heaven. I’ve been repeatedly astonished to learn that some of our preachers actually insist that any doctrinal error will damn. To argue this, they rely most commonly on 2 John 9, which condemns anyone who does not abide in the “teaching of Christ.”

The ninth verse of 2 John is very likely the most abused verse in Church of Christ debate today. What does it really mean?

(2 John 9) Anyone who runs ahead and does not continue in the teaching of Christ does not have God; whoever continues in the teaching has both the Father and the Son.

Continue reading

Buried Talents: In Search for a New Consensus on the Role of Women

WomanAnother book-length essay. I’ve been plugging away on this one for over a decade, based on my class notes from a 17-week class on the subject taught a very long time ago.

You can download the entire essay or download chapter at a time in .pdf format here: