Christian Evidences

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John Cleese Weighs In

Why the Multiverse Theory Is Wrong

An Important Archaeological Discovery

New Archeological Find


7 Responses

  1. “An Important Archaeological Discovery” links to the wrong post.

  2. Thanks. It’s fixed. So glad I have help with the indexing now. I wasn’t very good at it.

  3. Jay,

    Have you read much presuppositional apologetics?

    Just curious,


  4. Guy,

    Well, at my house, it’s presupposed that if there’s any apologizing to do, I must do it.

    But seriously, folks —

    Yes, I have. I don’t do much Christian evidences/apologetics here because so many blogs and sites are already doing it and doing it well. I personally most enjoy studying and teaching about the convergence of science and the Bible.

  5. Jay,

    Not sure who all you’ve read, but Van Til and Greg Bahnsen (both books and audio lectures) was the last serious apologetics-study i’ve done and it changed my thinking quite a bit. Both men (Van Til especially) are about as militantly Reformed as they come, but their apologetic work was very paradigm-shifting for me.

    Who have you read? What do you make of presuppositionalism?


  6. Gordon H. Clark, I think. It’s been a very long time since I looked at it.

  7. Clark represents a very different presuppositional camp than Bahnsen or Van Til.

    Many of Bahnsen’s audio lectures are available on youtube. Many consider his debate with Gordon Stein to be his best. You can hear it here:

    i honestly like another of his debates better. But it gives a fair representation of presuppositionalism in use.


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