Faith Lessons by Ray Vander Laan

Faith Lessons

Baal Worship and Abortion

Ray Vander Laan’s “Follow the Rabbi” Lectures (12 CDs in mp3 format)

Lachish and God’s Wrath, Part 1

Lachish and God’s Wrath, Part 2

The Lord Is My Shepherd, Part 1

The Lord Is My Shepherd, Part 2

God With Us

In the Shadow of Herod

My Rock and My Fortress (Masada)

The Time Had Fully Come (the Essenes)

No Greater Love, Part 1 (Korazin)

No Greater Love, Part 2 (Sermon on the Mount)

The Rabbi (with Blue Parakeet Note Appended)

The Language of Culture (and the Parable of the Minas)

Misguided Faith, Part 1

Misguided Faith, Part 2

Misguided Faith, Part 3

Misguided Faith, Part 4

Living Water (En Gedi)

When Storms Come / Piercing the Darkness

The Gates of Hell

City of the Great King, Parts 1 and 2

The Lamb of God

The Weight of the World

Roll Away the Stone

Power to the People

Total Commitment

When the Rabbi says “Come”, Part 2

When the Rabbi says “Go”

The Presence of God

Living Stones

The Very Words of God

Run! —  The Passion of Elijah

Learning to Walk Like Jesus, Part 1, Part 2

An Unlikely Disciple

Why Christians Suffer?

Don’t Forget Us

Everything to Lose, Nothing to Gain

Seminar at the North Shelby Baptist Church


-Crossing the Red Sea

-The Good Samaritan

-On the Prodigal Son and Thinking the Eastern Way, Part 1

Part 2

The Fifth Cup

“Abolish” and “Fulfill”

“My Yoke Is Easy”


2 Responses

  1. you need to bring more lessons to this website please

  2. John,

    Thanks for the compliment. I post on the Vander Laan material as I prepare to teach the lessons at church. We’ll cover some more of his series beginning in September, Lord willing. (You’ll find 1,000 other lessons on the site, with more coming.)

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