Future of the Progressive Churches of Christ, The


Why We Don’t Know Who We Are

Compassion for the Conservatives

Defining Our Challenges

Leaving the Conservatives Behind

Forgetting Who We Are

On Being Held Back by Forgotten Fights

Is This Any Way to Run a War?


A New Restorationism

A Better Way to be a Restoration Church

If I Were Pope

A Drug-Induced Dream

The Christian Standard Weighs In First Question

The Christian Standard Weighs In Second Question

The Christian Standard Weighs In Third Question

The Christian Standard Weighs In Fourth Question, Part 1

The Christian Standard Weighs In Fourth Question, Part 2

The Christian Standard Weighs In Fifth Question

Regarding Our Periodicals

The Marriage Metaphor

An Open Letter to Our Leaders


On Picking a Church

Seven Circles of Community

Shrinking Congregations, Part 1

Shrinking Congregations, Part 2 (Boundaries)

Shrinking Congregations, Part 3 (Preaching Hebrews)

Shrinking Congregations, Part 4 (Community)

Shrinking Congregations, Part 5 (the Near-Death Congregation)

Our Attitude Towards Conservative Leaders, Part 1

Part 2

An Idea for Dialogue

A Directory of Progressive Churches of Christ?

The Future of the Churches of Christ: Christian College Attendance


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