Communion Meditations

CommunionOn Communion Meditations

A Fresh Approach to the Lord’s Supper

The Christian Passover

The Bread of Life


The Body of Christ

Why We Assemble and Further On the Love Feast

Adding Fried Chicken to the Lord’s Supper

Death to Life

Separate and Apart

The Pattern for the Lord’s Supper

Abraham’s Communion

The Extraordinary Ordinary

Why Do the Communion Trays Pass Differently the Third Time Around?

A Lesson from an Eight-Year Old

God’s Great Banquet

Heaven on Earth

The Blood of the Covenant

The Blood of the Covenant, Part 2

Recognizing the Body

Hope and Power

Renewing Our Vows

God With Us

Meal of Sulha

Mother’s Day

Discerning the Body

Communion Meditation: The Taste of Faith


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