Personal Notes (includes Alabama football)

back_pain.jpgMy Upcoming Surgery

My Recent Surgery

My Recent Surgery, Part 2

On Losing 20 Pounds

On Slowing Down

The Sleep Apnea Test

At Last, I’m a Change Agent

Note to Self

Another Drug-Induced Dream (except this time without the drugs)

On Slowing Down: The Second Sleep Apnea Test

Roooollllllll Tide!

Moving On Down the Road

Moving On Down the Road, Part 2


Cleaning Out the Garage

For Those of You Who Question the Priorities of Alabama Fans

Tide Clinches SEC West

UA’s Starting Tailback Finds Jesus

On Vacation: Have a Happy Thanksgiving

Alabama Football Player Changes Lives


Bama Tebowed

A Heaven-Sent Coaching Hire

Remembering 2008


Why I Do This

Woohoo! One in Jesus makes top 10 list of Church of Christ blogs

A Little Help?

One In Jesus Has 250,000 Hits!

Alabama Signs Another No. 1 Recruiting Class!

First Annual Theobloggers Awards (with subliminal commentary)

Sh0ut Out for Matthew Proctor

To Monetize or Not to Monetize?

Happy Mardi Gras Letter

If Jay Wrote on Jay’s Facebook Wall

It’s Snowing!

Free Books from Jack Exum


Despair: One in Jesus in the finals


Mark Twain on Blogging

Alabama: The Only University Disappointed When Just 84,050 Show Up For A Spring Practice Game

Glen Coffee’s Draft Status Enhanced by His Outspoken Christianity

Shout Out for Justin Michael Allen

On Moderating Comments

Happy Mother’s Day from The Bear

Wednesday Night Class In Athens, Alabama

Top Church of Christ Blogs

Technorati Post

For Fans of the Bear (and who isn’t?)

And this is for Derrick Thomas and Cornelius Griffin fans (and those who will soon be)

Empty Nest

Scam Alert

Let the Games Begin

Note to Readers About Comments

I’m Back…Sort Of

A Theology Wiki?

What Would You Like to Read?

Gravatars (those pictures by your name in the comments)

Bear Bryant: It Don’t Cost Nuthin to be Nice

Football, Annoying Comments, and Baptism (not in order of importance)

Blogging: New FTC Regulates Endorsements by Bloggers

OneinJesus Hits 500,000 Hits!!!

Reader Looking for Congregation (NE Birmingham)

Going to Boston

Back from Boston

Smartphone Upgrade


It’s Friday!  Halloween Candy Cursed! (And Why Alabama Victory over LSU is Certain)

One More Thing…..

Amazing Story from Libya …

Jobs With More Stress Than the Pay Justifies: Preacher and Worship Minister

Happy Thanksgiving

Oh, Elizabeth! This is the big one! I’m coming to see you …

“Remember the Rose Bowl we’ll win then ….”

Why I Do This, Part 2

Reader Looking For New Church

A Lesson On Gambling

BCS Tickets

Ingram Wins the Heisman!

The Bahamas

U.S. Soldiers Repair Monastery

‘Tis the Season for Reruns

Getting in the Mood for Thursday…

Getting in the Mood for Thursday…Part 2

Getting in the Mood…Part 3

Getting in the Mood…Part 4

Getting in the Mood:  A Little Background Music

In the Mood


In the Mood…Final Reflections on Alabama’s National Championship

California Letter Blog

UA Gymnastics voted No 1

New Post by J. James Albert at “California Letter”

Comment Fast

ElderLink Atlanta

Jack Exum, Rest in Peace

Moderation, Etc.

Ranking the Top 25 Church of Christ Blogs

Regarding the Purpose of OneInJesus

The Colonoscopy

California Letter

Sunday Sites: New Wineskins Magazine

Sunday Sites: Jesus Creed

Sunday Sites: Ed Stetzer, The Lifeway Research Blog

Advice on a Bible Study

Gone to Atlanta

Back from ElderLink

Sunday Sites: Christian Standard

Theophilus and Bob’s Blog


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