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  1. Brother Jay-

    A couple of months ago I read something about how our communications with people outside the C of C are misinterpreted and how there is a need for us to be more careful in explaining the terms we use to describe the ‘church” and so forth. Do you remember writing anything about this and if so do you remember where it was?

  2. You might be thinking of one of first posts — How to Argue Like a Christian. It has three parts.

  3. Hello. I am new to this site and only have a little over three years in the church. I was wondering if (when you had a chance) you would check out my blog and some of the church related post I have made and give me feedback. Without clear feedback I do not know if I am understanding the scriptures very well or am off in left field some place. My blog is at

    Thanks for helping me ot grow.


  4. How do I find some of my old comments – are they still stored somewhere. I want to shake some of them down for articles.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Go to Google and enter “ collier” or “ “todd collier”” — it should list those posts where you’ve commented.

  6. i need material on marraige divorce remarriage.

  7. Ed,

    On the left, there’s a link for “Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage” (or you can click — which is a series of posts that covers the topic thoroughly.

    If you prefer, there’s also an ebook “But If You Do Marry …” covering the same material in a little more detail.

    May God bless your studies.


  8. I am interested in the free Jack Exum books.

    My address is PO box 271
    Florence, AL 35631


  9. thanks He strengthens and sustains He Gvards and he gvldes.He heals the sick He cleansed the lepers

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