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  1. Hi Jay,
    RM-Bible is a progressive group that has been around for well over a decade. There are probably 150 or so members scattered all over the US and a couple in Canada.

    If you would like to include us on your list of progressive Church of Christ discussion groups, we would be honored.
    RM stands for Restoration Movement. We were hosted by ACU for many years but their list serve system became antiquated, so we moved to a Yahoo group.

    I lived in Denton, TX for many years and attended church with Leroy Garrett for the better part of a couple of decades. I consider hi something of a mentor.

    Tom Farr

  2. Tom,

    RB-Bible has been added. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Jay,
    I facilitate a facebook group called The Church of Christ Gadfly. We started a little more than 2 months ago and already have over 350 members. We have an extremely active discussion board that concentrates on controversial issues within the CoC. It gets pretty lively because we have a diverse demographic mix of conservative and liberal posters.

    Please consider adding us to your list. Here is the address..

  4. Scott,

    Added, but you won’t see it until the shift to the newer server is complete.

  5. Okay,
    What exactly is a “progressive” church of Christ?

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