Missional Christianity

Jesus healingAn Unconventional Approach to the Mission of the Church


The Constantinian Worldview

The Moral Majority

The Church Growth Movement

The Enlightenment

What the Bible Says

How We Think of Benevolence

Leadership Issues

The Abundant Life

The Jesus of Small Things

The Church of Small Things

How Do I Know If God Has Called Me to a Task?

Equipping For Good Works

Why Being Religious Isn’t Necessarily Being Like Jesus

How Do I Know If God Has Called Me to a Task?

Simply Missional: Introduction

Simply Missional: Being Strategic

Simply Missional: Discipleship

Simply Missional: Leaving the Building

Simply Missional: Bubble Creek Canyon, a Heavenly Community

Simply Missional: Leadership Priorities and Knowing the Culture

Simply Missional: Private Schools and the Third Way

Simply Missional: Christian Colleges and the Mission of God

Simply Missional: Being People Focused

Simply Missional: There Is No Model

Simply Missional: Missional Leadership

mcchurchAttractional vs. Missional: Introduction

Attractional vs. Missional: A Third Way

Attractional vs. Missional: How It Might Be Done

Attractional vs. Missional: Ephesians 4 Gives the Instructions

Attractional vs. Missional: Alan Hirsch Joins the Conversation

Attractional vs. Missional: David Fitch Explains It

Attractional vs. Missional: Bill Kinnon Says It Plainly

Attractional vs. Missional: Equipping the Members

Attractional vs. Missional: Data

Penn on Evangelism

Starting a Hispanic Ministry, by Tim Archer


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