Progressive Church of Christ Blogs

Dear readers,

This is a first cut at a list of blogs and resources of particular value to members of the progressive Churches of Christ. Please post recommendations for other sites to be added (author, blog name, link).

Here are the rules:

* No university, college, or preacher school sites.

* No congregational sites (but a link to an included page with excellent writing would be fine).

* No personal blogs (no kittens, babies, or breakfast posts).

* Only blogs from within the Restoration Movement.

* Only theological sort of things. It’s not enough that the author is a member of a Church of Christ if he’s writing about politics, welding, or gardening.

* No vitriol. No blogs that are hateful toward Bush or Obama. (There are some very un-Christian things being said in the name of Christ. Please stop.)

* No password protected sites.

* No legalism.

These are posted without recommendation or endorsement.

I encourage you comment in favor of any site you enjoy below. Please, nothing critical here. (But do let me know if I’ve posted something outside the guidelines. I tried to check, but it’s a LOT of blogs.)

41 Responses

  1. Jay,

    Just wondering if my blog might be included on your list?


  2. Though I’m sure I don’t have the depth as some of these other bloggers, I’d be grateful to be included in the list. Thanks for the consideration.

    Jeremy Schopper

  3. Listing the blog url would be good 🙂

  4. I will probably think of more later, but one came to mind immediately: Wes Woodell’s blog at

  5. One more: Jackie Chesnutt’s blog, “He’s still working on me,” at I’m not sure that it meets your criteria, since it is connected to his congregation’s web site, but he’s a good minister.

  6. I would appreciate inclusion and am thankful for such a listing.


  7. Bryant,

    You’ve been added. Thanks.

  8. Terry,

    Thanks for the suggestion. He’s been added. I’m going to create another page for progressive congregations. This page is for blog and blog-like web pages. It’s no problem that the articles posted are attached to a congregational site.

  9. Terry,

    Thanks. It’s added.

  10. Jeremy,

    I’m delighted to add you to the list. Thanks for letting me know.

  11. Mitchell,

    Oops. I should have noticed the omission. You are now listed.

  12. Thank you Jay. I appreciate your work with this blog. You’ve been used by the Lord. Keep up the great work!

    Jeremy Schopper

  13. Wow! I am so honored to make a list with these fine folks. Thank you!

  14. I am grateful for such a list and would appreciate being listed in such a list. -“Who told you that”

  15. There goes my brilliant kitten blog idea. . .

    Thanks for the nod. Probably the only time I’ve ever been listed as progressive 😉

  16. well, I guess I would rather be labelled a “progressive” by someone who considers himself the same, than by someone who doesn’t.
    amused at being included (only from yhinking about my congregation), but honored to be with all the other great names/blogs on the list.

  17. Dell,

    Thanks for reminding me. I’ve added you to the list.

  18. What a list! I hesitate to ask to be included.

    Jerry Starling, blogging at since June 25 – and encouraged by the number of people, though still small, that are stopping by.

  19. Jerry,

    You are on the list.

    You should make a point of including your URL when you comment, as that creates a link to your site, which will help draw visitors.

  20. Wow! I made a list! Jay, just for the sake of accuracy, would you change my name to “James Brett Harrison” on your list? When making a blog name at wordpress, I didn’t include my last name.

    I just hope my grandfather doesn’t see that THIS is the list my name got put on… talk about a separating of the sheep and goats. This is proof right there in writing of which line I’ll be in.

  21. JBH,

    Glad to oblige.

    (You know … you might consider putting your last name in the “About Me” section. Just a pet peeve of mine. I like to know whose work I’m reading.)

  22. PS — I’m totally in agreement on the Loveless Café in Nashville. Good to know they’re still in business.

  23. Advice taken, and last name entered. I’m new to this blogging world. And the Loveless is still in business, though they’ve sold out to corporate. They remodeled the beautiful, old house that used to be the restaurant — the one that reminded me of my granny’s home in south Alabama when i was a little kid. So now, instead of being an old house, it’s one of those buildings that’s new, but made to look like an old house…

    But the food is still great!

  24. I am humbled and honored to have recieved your attention! Thanks for listing me!

    A Wayfarer’s Trek

  25. Honored to be included on your list and on a list that includes so many great bloggers.

    I enjoy your blog. Many blessings,


  26. feel free to add my last name, i am not trying to hide anything

    brian nicklaus


  27. Glad to do so. I had trouble finding it.

  28. Scott Elliott

    Resurrected Living

  29. Scott,

    I have you on the list. Thanks for letting me know about your blog.

  30. I don’t know if my blog meets your criteria or not. Have a great day!

  31. Jarrod,

    I’m glad to add your site to the list. It looks to be a very fine site.

    I did have to add a warning that your site plays music automatically. Some of us do our browsing when the kids are in bed or the rest of the family has not yet awakened. Readers need to turn off their speakers before clicking over to your site if sound is an issue, as the music starts immediately when the site loads.

  32. I was just looking for a Brother who contacted me through my website, but if you don’t mind me saying so, these pages are a bit lengthy, don’ you think? If they get any longer, it may put people off from continuing their search for whatever they might be looking for. May Yahweh Bless you.

  33. Feel free to check my blog out. I mainly write Christian articles but do include other “life” articles as well. 🙂

  34. Janice,

    The CoC blogosphere certainly could use more of a female presence. I’m glad to add you to the list.

  35. Thanks Jay! I appreciate you and the work you are doing.

  36. This is a new blog and I would love to be included in this list.

  37. Jay,
    it doesn’t look like my blog address appeared. I will try again.

    thanks again,

  38. Scott,

    You are on the list. Please check it in a week or so and make sure you don’t get lost in the Theoblogger conversion.

  39. The Stone-Campbell Book Club will be up and running next month:

  40. I really like Patrick Meads Tentpegs. great stuff. Great Speaker and teacher too.

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