Good and Bad of Spiritual Formation, The


Part 1 (On Being Formed Within God’s Mission)

Part 2

On Spiritual Formation Done Right, Part 1, Part 2

A Reader’s Story


2 Responses

  1. At the Renovare conference last week, they published a very succinct definition of Spiritual Formation that I think you’ll appreciate:

    “Christian spiritual formation is the process of being shaped by the Spirit into the likeness of Christ, filled with love for God and the world.”

    I think that definition really lends itself to the communal aspect. Now if the Renovare guys (except for Peterson — most of his work is deeply communal and pastoral) would stop acting like, “Well, if everyone works on their individual formation, then the communal formation will take care of itself…”

    Your thoughts about the isolational aspects of the way spiritual formation has been treated have really got me thinking. But I think you’ll find that Peterson’s Conversations in Spiritual Theology series help address these concerns.

  2. Nick,

    I’m very glad to hear it. It looks like he’s about to publish the fifth book in the series specific to spiritual formation. It should be an important work.

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