Love, Theological

David Crowder Is Jesus’ Friend, Too

Bob Dylan’s “Tell Tale Signs”

A Warning to Married Preachers

Evangelism Is Easy, But You Have to Buy the $300 Starter Kit

What If Starbucks Marketed Like the Church?

Queen Returns: “It’s Time to Shine

On the Importance of Getting Every Single Doctrine Right

On Selecting a Sermon Topic

It’s Friday!

Prophecy Is Where You Find It

Brother Fairasee

Baba Yetu

Tithing Gets a Bad Rap

I Love Jesus But I Drink a Little

I Once Was Broke But Now I’m Not

Tim Hawkins on Leading Worship

Barbie’s Dream Church

Wedding Wetting

Pastor Shepherd: How to Get Rich by Sending Me Money

We Are the Church: Pop Stars Encourage Tithing

For Arminians Who Can Laugh at Themselves

The Franchise Agreement

You Got the Money, or the Money Got You?

Most American Idol Finalist Involved in Leading Worship


In Celebration of the First of April

Too True

Mark Driscoll on Jehovah’s Witnesses and Evangelism

How God Sees Us

Shekelback: Worship Star

God Makes Surprise Visit

In Honor of My Birthday, by Sir Paul McCartney

How “Church of Christ” Are You? (Facebook Survey)

How One Preacher Deals with His Critics

The First Self-Righteous Church (revised)

So Very, Very Close

Free Music from Re:Sound

Would Jesus Zap a Polar Bear?

Can You Spell That?

God will, like he waters the flowers on your window sill

Bluegrass Thriller

United Breaks Guitars

The Sacred Sandwich

A Baptist Joke and a Contest The Winner is…

A Tune for the Weekend: “A Ride Back Home” by John Melloncamp

On the Importance of Laughing at Yourself

Press “1” if…

How Could a Benevolent God…

Football and Christianity

Barna Study:  Churches Going Straight to Helvetica

The Elders Announce the New Candidate for Youth Ministry

It’s Friday, Must be time for a Commercial

Beware of Ginormous Study Bibles

Atheist Offers Pet Care Insurance in Case of Rapture. No … Really. It’s True. I’m Not Kidding

The Search for True Fulfillment

Pre-Thanksgiving Humor: How to Count Church Attendance

It’s Friday! Lutheran Airlines Is Now Open for Business; Churches of Christ to Follow the Pattern

Chutes and Chutes

Satan Responds to Pat Robertson

I’m a Change Agent

The Many Problems with the Emerging Church


Why Unicorns Are Extinct

The Sacred Sandwich: Phillipe, the Postmodern Evangelist

More Calvinistic Humor

More Calvinist Humor

On Making a Joyful Noise

Evangelize Your Friends in 24 Hours


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