Research Materials

I’ve gathered a bunch of resources I find useful in my research. I thought it might be helpful to share them.

Free research software Free software download with several Bibles, Greek texts, commentaries, dictionaries, and other classic Christian texts (even Calvin’s Institutes and the Ante-Nicene Fathers). It’s almost all free, but you can also buy several recent Bible translations and other resources. Most of the material is out of copyright, but even so, a very useful tool. Another free software download. This has several out-of-copyright commentaries, such as Calvin’s Institutes and the complete writings of Arminius (very cool). However, it has less overall material than e-sword. On the other hand, it has a much superior interface. It’s a useful supplement.

Patristic resources Full text of many early uninspired Christian writings The other early uninspired Christian writings

Topical Bibles Nave’s Topical Bible

Greek resources Contains Septuagint in original Greek Greek New Testament. You can search for individual words by base or inflected form and you can limit your search further by specifying tense, voice, mood etc. It does not require a Greek font to be pre-installed on your computer and is fast and user-friendly. An excellent resource. List of addition Greek New Testaments

Bibles Lots of alternative translations, with the ability to compare 5 at once. NetBible — new translation with over 60,000 translation notes, with Greek/Hebrew text, cross references, and parallel KJV The English Standard Version, a recent, excellent translation, much truer to the Greek than the NIV.

Commentaries Provides full text of many classic commentaries, including those of Calvin, Luther, Spurgeon, and McGarvey.

I haven’t found a decent contemporary commentary online.

Restoration Movement Resources Countless classic RM texts Additional RM texts A comprehensive list of RM periodicals on the internet

Resource lists From Crosswalk


This describes my preferred reference tools.  More Tools of the Trade (Part 2).

Fun with Translations, Supplemental


10 Responses

  1. My favorite Bible study tool is e-Sword: Great free Bible software for Windows PC

    There are many free translations in many languages, and many commentaries, dictionaries, and other add-ons. There are also some newer materials of all types available for purchase.

    A version is also available from that link for pocket pc

  2. Great find! I added it to the top of the list.

  3. HI. I just ran across tyor site while looking for a steve quail. i heard him on a raido show called coast to coast. His site was steave quail (I thought) but haven’t been able to find him He was explaining the last days —revelations and etc. I really was interested in what he said. Do you have any suggestions? Anyway, I was glad to get your site. I will be reading some of your thoughts on subjets that apply to end times ,prophasy,and so on.

  4. Another good one is, which includes several good research tools, including the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia.

  5. is a good study site.

  6. Jay,

    Here is a new (still in beta version) online bible that works much like software. You can add tags, notes, and pictures to verses and you can see what others have written. It also has a private journal for those who enjoy journaling. The address is:

  7. I hava some Bible questions for a study discussion I need info. on, who can I email?

  8. Vonda,

    You’re welcome to email me, at jfguin(at)comcast(dot)net. I can’t promise anything, but I’ll take a look. There are many Bible discussion forums where you might post something as well. Go to the Yahoo discussion groups and poke around for a group interested in your topic.

  9. I frequently visit
    as an instant concordance of the Greek text.

  10. Very cool. Thanks for the link.

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