To Change the World: Readers’ Questions

I’ve been talking to some people involved with marketing this book about arranging for an interview with James Hunter to post here. I think it will happen.

Rather than the usual “why did you write this book?” marketing fluff, I thought I’d open the floor to the readers. What questions do you have of the author?

Now, I’m not nearly finished with the series. I’ve got two more of his essays to cover, plus adding my two-cents worth. Therefore, I’m keeping this post at the top of the screen for a few days to remind you to post your questions as they come to you.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the great book review – it has charged a lot of talk with my wife – to educate our kids in our ‘home school’ or not; to keep them in our life and educate them in excellence to be able to face the world in adult life, or to be part of the world growing up- this is in context of you saying that certain cultures ie Jews, have influenced in a big way- what does James Hunter think of the education system, and if we need to be a part of that? Or prepare our kids to be world changers in the College system and workplace?

  2. I’d be interested in his understandig of
    . separation (from this wold)
    . isolation
    . assimilation
    Where and how he draws the line between them in order to meet Christ’s vision of His church.

  3. If Christians could have a “faithful presence” in the realm of politics, what would it look like?

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