Weekend Notes

https://i0.wp.com/farm1.static.flickr.com/52/117528474_5c6bca4cf8_o.jpgThe conversion to having my WordPress blog hosted by Theobloggers proceeds apace. It’s taking a while, but evidently I have a larger blog than most. Whudathunk?

I’m not entirely sure what all the changes will be. I know the Index will be easier to use. I can add more sharing features to each post. There will just be, you know, more options.

And there will be glitches — so please be patient and let me know when you encounter a problem.

I’m going toNorwegian Sky be on vacation in a week. My second-oldest son (I have four sons) is graduating from the University of Miami’s LLM program in taxation (anyone looking to hire a smart, moral tax lawyer?)

We’re going on a short cruise afterwards, mainly because we’ll already be there and it’s cheap if you procrastinate long enough to buy the tickets.

Current  StudentsI hate graduations — not that people graduate, of course, which is entirely cool, but that I have to watch them graduate. It’s as though the institution is saying, “Now that we’ve gotten all the money out of you we can, we’re going to add three hours of misery to your suffering.” It’s sheer cruelty.

So I’d rather be in Malibu. Although if you have to suffer, Miami’s a nice place to do it.

The point being that in a week, I’ll be on a big boat traversing the Gulf Stream, I’ll have no internet connection, and you’ll be on your own. So don’t think I’m ignoring you — and I’ll still tune in now and again to delete comments from those who abuse the privilege. So be good.

Daily posts will continue. I’ve written a little ahead.

You know … one of the draw backs to having “graduations” from preschool, elementary school, middle school, etc. — all in caps and gowns and with Elgar’s Pomp & Circumstance playing in the background is — especially if you have several children — that by the time the graduations actually mean something, it’s old. Really, really old.

So maybe they’ll at least play a better tune. (I mean, wouldn’t a graduation to “All Along the Watchtower” be so much better?) But they won’t.


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  1. I thought “moral tax lawyer” was an oxymoron – but before she retired, my wife worked for a lawyer who taught ethics (and he really was a highly ethical man).

    Enjoy Florida! Come back refreshed.

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