Re Marcion readers:

A few days ago, I began receiving several posts from someone arguing in favor of Marcionism, a Second Century heresy related to Gnosticism. The posts struck me as anti-Semitic and blasphemous, and so I blocked the sender — and I told him this.

I asked the readers if anyone wanted to engage in a debate with the commenter — because I just don’t have the time (or the inclination). No one volunteered, and so I continue to block the comments.

I continue to receive Marcionite comments, which I continue to block or delete — and now they are coming in from multiple addresses (but I suspect from the same person). Therefore, it’s at least possible that when I delete these comments, I delete a comment I shouldn’t have. I apologize if that happens.

Dear Marcionite commenter:

Please stop. There are thousands of blogs. Someone else will surely be glad to chat with you. I do not have the time or energy at this time to engage in this debate — and your persistent commenting is taking far too much of my time to police. If you continue, I will mark your comments as spam, which will block you on all WordPress blogs.


10 Responses

  1. Jay,

    i’m guessing one you’re referring to is “william t.” just so you know, the comments he posts are still coming through to my email even though you delete them.


  2. Jay,
    These heretics need to give it a rest, the New Testament is Trinitarian. The God of the OT is the same God of the NT, revealed to us in Jesus Christ. The NT revelation of God is deeper and more intimate, which is not unusual, as the NT usually gives a sensus plenior meaning of the OT.
    A more important heresy is that of James Tabor. I would recommend that you look at his Jesus Dynasty book. Here is an example of bad COC theology gone to seed via the University of Chicago.

  3. You’re thinking of Arius, Gary.

  4. Jay,

    I’m curious. Do the emails or comments you’ve received actually mention Marcion by name? Or are you simply referring to their character by that name?

    Not everything that is called “Marcionite” really is: for example, the stance of many Churches of Christ toward the first 70 some-odd % of the Christian Canon. I don’t completely agree with the position that our people have often taken towards the Old Testament. But to say, as some have, that the O.T. is “for our learning, but not our law” is far from the position of Marcion.

  5. Frank,

    The guy is a self-described Marcionite, and seems to have the teachings down pat. He’s a disciple of Marcion.

  6. Wow. That’s very odd and interesting.

  7. Keith, Actually both.

  8. I’m confused. This guy believes that Jesus is the son of God. I assume his heart is right. I can understand why a progressive would disagree with many of his premises (so do I). But, where in progressive theology is this a salvation issue?

  9. Rich,

    Blasphemy contradicts the requirement to have faith. You can’t believe that Jesus is the Son of God while also denying that the God of the Old Testament is God — and rewriting major portions of the scriptures to get there. Marcionism teaches that Jesus defeated the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

  10. Rich
    Marcionism is anti-Semitic. The Bible of the early church was the OT, and they used it to back up their NT sermons and teaching with sensus plenior interpretaions. They did not throw the OT out. Jay is right about this one.

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