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According to an article at the Christian Standard‘s website,

Alexander Campbell lay on his deathbed, and the journal he had edited, the Millennial Harbinger, which had been a major cohesive factor in the Restoration Movement, was declining in influence. To address this leadership vacuum, several men, including James A. Garfield (the future president), met in the home of T. W. Phillips Sr. in Newcastle, Pennsylvania, in December 1865 to launch a new journal to be published weekly instead of monthly. It would carry news from the churches and articles on a broad range of subjects of interest to the whole family.

Isaac Errett, a minister in Detroit, Michigan, who had served briefly as coeditor of the Millennial Harbinger, was selected editor of the new journal to be named CHRISTIAN STANDARD.

And, indeed, it may well be that the Christian Standard has been the most influential periodical among the Restoration Movement churches ever since. When the a cappella Churches of Christ separated from the larger movement, the Standard was one of many periodical that remained with the then much more numerous instrumental churches.

When the instrumental churches divided over whether to organize as the Disciples of Christ (Christian Churches) denomination and liberalism, the Standard remained with the independent Christian Churches.

Today, the Christian Standard is a thin, slick, twice-a-month magazine, and most of its articles are posted online for free viewing. Sadly, I can’t find an RSS feed, but you can subscribe by email.

Even though the independent Christian Churches have as much divergence of opinion as the Churches of Christ, the Christian Standard manages to publish voices from all sides — and increasingly from writers from within the Churches of Christ. Consistently excellent and practical.

Here are the posted articles from the most recent issue —

Building Bonds Between Elders and Ministers (Part 1)
Bob Russell 3/21/2010 One of the most intense topics in church leadership seminars these days is elder/preacher relationships. This week, retired megachurch minister Bob Russell discusses what the preacher can do to help build a good relationship and keep it strong.

Ask Yourself Some Questions Before You Fire
Ken Swatman 3/21/2010 It was Monday morning and I sat at my desk feeling tired and frustrated, trying to decide if it was time for a staff change in a key position. I had been over the issues again and again in my mind,

When You Feel Like Giving Up, Giving In, or Getting Out
Rick Grover 3/21/2010
It encourages me to read how prophets like Elijah and Jeremiah struggled with “down times.” It helps me know that even faithful servants of God throughout the ages had times of wanting to give up, give in, or get out.

Practice Regular Maintenance (Communion Meditation)
Mark Atteberry 3/21/2010
Mark Atteberry has served as senior minister with Poinciana Christian Church, Kissimmee, Florida, since 1989. He has written six books, including “So Much More Than Sexy!” (Standard Publishing) which was published last summer.

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  1. I have subscribed or read the Christian Standard since 1946 when I entered Ozark Bible College. A good friend during that time was Edwin Hayden, who then taught at OBC but later served as editor of the Christian Standard. Burris Butler was editor back then and became a friend, publishing several articles from my pen in late 1940s and in the 1950s. I appreciate this mention of the Christian Standard from Jay Guin!

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