The Cruciform God: Colt McCoy, For Example

Regular readers know that I’m a big Alabama football fan. That doesn’t mean I don’t respect and appreciate other teams, including even Texas. I mean, who’d you rather beat than a team you respect?

Here are two videos from Colt McCoy that demonstrate, I believe, some of what self-emptying (kenosis) means —

You might also check out this video from the Oak Hills Church. My blogging software doesn’t let me embed this one.

4 Responses

  1. He’s a great example for all of us to look to. Hopefully God blesses him with a wonderful pro career so he can continue to be a high profile Christian example.

  2. Jay,

    i know it may not be your cup of tea (not sure), but will you do me a favor and have a listen to a song?

    If you click the “more info” on the right, you get the lyrics. i just listened to this and thought of you and this site. Good stuff.


  3. Guy,

    Powerful lyrics. Not my style of music. But maybe when the unplugged album comes out. I’m confident there are readers who’d enjoy that style.


    It’s technically post-grunge. I have no idea what distinguishes grunge from post-grunge.

    (This really makes me feel old because I’m usually pretty good with new musical styles.)

  4. Jay,

    Don’t feel bad. i listen to them and others like them all the time, yet i’ve never heard myself use the term “post-grunge.” It’s all metal to me.


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