Sunday Sites: New Wineskins Magazine

At the suggestion of a number of readers, I’m going to try to point out some excellent sites on a weekly basis — focusing on those outside the Churches of Christ. I, of course, begin by making an exception.

New Wineskins Magazine has been on the internet for many years, but it’s recently undergone a change in direction. Bloggers are popping up all over. In the current issue, there are articles by Edward Fudge, Matt Dabbs, Royce Ogle, Keith Brenton, and K. Rex Butts — all of whom are bloggers and commenters here at OneInJesus. (I’ve always suspected I had an all-star cast of commenters here. Now I know.)

I’m delighted to see these guys — and many others — adorn the front page of Wineskins. In fact, it appears that Edward Fudge’s GraceEmails will routinely appear at Wineskins, although he continues his long-standing email ministry.

I’ve been thinking that joining forces with some of better bloggers would be a smart move for Wineskins, and I’m glad to see they’ve read my mind. I take full credit for having psychically persuaded them to do this.

But this is absolutely my first and LAST exception. Don’t write me and ask to have your Church of Christ blog reviewed here. This is to expand our horizons to excellent resources outside the Churches of Christ.


One Response

  1. Thanks for the endorsement, Jay!

    I’m looking forward to reading some of your work on the New Wineskins pages soon.

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