Well, the mail came the other day, and I just got my copy of the brochure for the Pepperdine lecturships. And lo and behold there was my preacher, Shon Smith, listed at the keynote speaker!

He’d been keeping it quiet, but it’s a big deal. As I explained to him, being a notorious change agent and all, he’d never be editor of the Gospel Advocate, and so, for a progressive preacher, that’s as big as it gets!

I just responded to an email from a preacher asking whether he should attend Pepperdine. Here’s what I said–

Go! It’s the best of the lectureships I’ve been to, a wonderful location, and a great opportunity to meet old and new friends in the Churches.

Just last week, I was mentioning lessons learned at Pepperdine in an elders/staff meeting regarding missions and church plants. Endlessly useful information.

And take your wife. She’ll love it, too. Besides, there will be so many great seminars, you’ll want to split up and share notes.

My wife and I are planning to be there. She’s insisting. I won’t be speaking, but it’s a great trip.

Be sure to schedule for the evening worship sessions at 9:00 — lots of great worship teams.

May 4-7 at Malibu, California. Click here for more information.

PS – The weather is always perfect.

PPS – I recommend an intense regimen of Stairmaster exercise in preparation.

PPPS – Shon’s sermons are extraordinary and may be downloaded at my congregation’s website.


2 Responses

  1. Jay,

    I sure wish I could go. I would be blessed I’m sure to hear your preacher. And, our friend brother Fudge will be there also speaking 3 times I believe.

    Thanks for the info…


  2. Shon is an amazing speaker. You are blessed to have him in T-town.

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