Getting in the Mood for Thursday …

I’ve been whiling away the holiday watching football, cheering on SEC teams (even Auburn and Tennessee).

The SEC bowl games are over now — all but one.

And the anticipation of Thursday’s game is killing me.


4 Responses

  1. I have just one thing to say from sunny Arizona “Roll Tide!”

  2. There are two players with the number 13 on the Bama team. One is Cory Reamer; the other is our son Rob Ezell of Athens. He is on the video. We are Garner and Deb Ezell of the Central CoC in Athens. Remember him when you pray for his safety and Roll Tide!

  3. Deb,

    Thanks for commenting! So glad to know that there will be good CoC boys on both sides of the ball. I understand Colt McCoy is a member, and I was afraid God might feel inclined to play favorites.

    I know you’re proud to have a son playing in the BCS, and I assure you the whole state and the UA diaspora will be in intense prayer throughout Thursday.

  4. Jordan Shipley too. Hook ‘Em!!

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