The Shack: John Mark Hicks Posts E-book

John Mark Hicks has just posted an e-book with his observations and reflections on The Shack: Meeting God at the Shack. Hopefully, I’ll have enough time over the holidays to grab a cup of coffee and an easy chair and settle in for some of John Mark’s wisdom.

It is, of course, wildly irresponsible for me to recommend a book I’ve not yet read, but I’ve read all of his several posts on The Shack, which he has expanded into bookform — and they are brilliant.

And I have read The Shack. It’s a fabulous book.

Read The Shack and then read Meeting God at the Shack. For some, it will be life-changing. (And it makes for a great small group study.)

I think everyone who has pastoral responsibilities, who may be called on to comfort and counsel those who’ve suffered severe emotional wounds — from an abusive parent, from a spouse, or from bad fortune — has to read this material, because it shows a path to healing through the beauty and love of God.

But I can’t explain it. You have to read it.

FTC Notice: I received a free copy of the e-book. But that’s because it’s free for everyone. 😉 (I’m glad to see more and more of our best thinkers publishing straight to the internet.)


3 Responses

  1. Thank you, Jay. You are too kind. The Shack simply offers each us an opportunity to do what God has always invited us to do…to meet God in our own shacks. Sometimes it takes a piece of art, music, a parable, or a novel to awaken us to the possibility and go in. Blessings on your work, my friend. John Mark

  2. Thanks for letting us know about this, Jay.

  3. I saw this book Friday and have already devoured it. I read Meeting God at the Shack about a year ago – and and now re-reading it after reading John Mark’s book.

    I was impressed.

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