Happy Thanksgiving

I am astonished beyond words (metaphorically speaking, of course) that no one has offered me a punch line on the How to Count Church Attendance Post. I figure everyone’s too busy traveling and cooking turkey.

Therefore, I’m going to suspend posts until after Thanksgiving and the Alabama-Auburn football game (1:30 CT on Friday CBS). I mean, who am I to tempt you away from family and football — not to mention turkey and dressing?

And when you’ve recovered, come back refreshed and fed, and give me some punchlines! And have a great Thanksgiving!

By the way, I’ve changed email services. Those of you who’ve subscribed by Feedburner are welcome to continue to do so (you need do nothing to preserve the status quo), but WordPress (who hosts the blog) is now offering their own service that’s a bit more flexible. The link on the upper right for email subscriptions now links to the new WordPress native service.


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