Pacifism: Additional Material

pacifismOver at the Berean Spirit discussion group, a part of Yahoo Groups, several good folks, including Tim Archer and Bobby Valentine, are having a great discussion on pacifism. They even mention this blog now and again. They seem disagree — which makes the posts must reading.

The posts are not open to the public. You have to ask to join the group, but they let me in, so their standards aren’t very high. 😀

Anyway, of the forums I lurk in, Berean Spirit is usually my favorite because the level of debate can be very high indeed. And Bobby and Tim are always good reads (even when I disagree).


One Response

  1. I’ve been hoping that Bobby would make an appearance over here, but he seems to be too busy. Something about getting married in two months. The usual excuses. 🙂

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

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