Terrence “Mount” Cody blocks two fourth quarter field goals to send the Volunteers home with one more loss 12 – 10. (Sorry Matthew.)

The Tide rolls even when the offense has another terrible outing. Defense and special teams win football games.

This, of course, calls for the unofficial team song, as improbably sung by the Leningrad Cowboys & Red Army Choir (something about this video just seems to fit the insanity of the whole Tennessee rivalry) —


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  1. Jay,

    I’m not even gonna go there and say that you know you were beat. You were beat by a team with a not so good offense. Ooops, I went there. As long as I’m here. . .

    Alabama has some work to do if they want to be SEC Champs (and by extension National Champs). However, I believe they may just be the best team in the country! Congrats on the win, enjoy it this year and GO BIG ORANGE!!!!

  2. Lucky tide. Lucky Hawkeyes. No college team seems awesome. Tide maybe as good as any.

  3. This site is dedicated to members of the Churches of Christ searching for a deeper understanding of God’s grace, the Holy Spirit, and more. Ultimately, the mission of this site is to set forth an understanding of the Bible that will allow for a reunification of the Churches of Christ.

    Jay, the churches of Christ will never be reunified – if it means we all have to yell “Rolllllllllllllllll Tiiiiide” every weekend!

  4. Jerry, Jerry, Jerry …

    Unity won’t be found in agreeing on everything.

    It’s taken years, but I’ve come to accept that even good people can be deceived into cheering for Tennessee. God’s grace is sufficient to cover their error, and so I must accept them as well.

    But when we all get to heaven — together — I’m confident we’ll find God wearing crimson. How else do you explain Alabama winning the game when they were so soundly beaten in all but the score?

  5. Jay, I will say it. ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!

  6. Dell,

    So glad to see you have remained true despite being among unbelievers. It’s a great encouragement in these difficult times. You know … being undefeated but not winning by all that much. Really hard times.

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