Back from Boston

Well, I’m back. Sort of. Actually, I’ve been back since Monday, but in my business, time off means time required to catch up later — and it’s been wildly hectic. By the time I get to the keyboard, I’m pretty beat. Hopefully, things start to settle down here shortly.

I came back to 537 emails including about 190 comments on OneInJesus. I’m hoping to catch up my reading over the weekend, if not sooner. It’s all a bit overwhelming.

Anyway … Boston was a good trip. The seminar wasn’t very good (billed as “advanced” and way too basic), a major client had a crisis (seems to always happen when I leave town), and it was so very c-c-c-c-cold! Did you watch the TItans/Patriots game (“game”, not “contest”)? Did you notice the snow? It was played in Foxboro, just outside of Boston. We were hoping to get some snow, which is rare here in Tuscaloosa, but all we got was freezing rain and wind. Yuck.

But on Saturday the weather was clear and we got to ride around Massachusetts looking at the fall foliage.

And we got to eat clam chowder recently voted the best in Boston (very tasty and … more importantly … hot!) And we had a couple of delightful meetings with my son’s house church.

Oh! And we got to visit the aquarium, which is fabulous. Sea dragons are just so cool and wierd looking.

And the penguins, and the eels, and the sharks … a really well done aquarium!

I did happen to notice a couple of comments (one private, one posted) asking whether I’d consider a one-cup Church of Christ “progressive” if it doesn’t see instrumental music as a salvation or fellowship issue. The answer is: of course.

In fact, I took communion Sunday night in a one-cup service — right here in the midst of H1N1 season. Some of the most meaningful communion services I’ve ever been a part of were one-cup services — and that was an especially good one.

So, anyway, I’m not ignoring the comments. I’m just drowning in comments — which is not a complaint! Oh, no … I love having lots of comments!! I just have to catch up.


2 Responses

  1. I LOVE leafy and weedy sea dragons. I would love to see them in the sea… We are hoping to travel to kangaroo Island next April. I should plan a snorkelling trip!

  2. Wendy,

    I should have mentioned that those wonderfully strange critters hail from Down Under (where else?)

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