Links to Church of Christ Blogs and Related Sites

I’ve just added a new page listing a whole bunch of Church of Christ blogs and other sites. A page is like a post, except it doesn’t change locations. Rather, the way to a page is to click on the link on the left side of the screen right under the caption “Pages.”

It’s not complete, but it’s pretty far along.

I didn’t want to have one of those 200 blog blogrolls in the margin, because it’s just too much information in little tiny print. And there’s no way to really talk about it.

Rather, I thought it would be good to accept site suggestions from the readers and see how big a list we can compile. And please praise and recommend where praise and recommendation are due. No criticisms allowed, however.

Here are the rules —

* No university, college, or preacher school sites.

* No congregational sites (but a link to an included page with excellent writing would be fine).

* No personal blogs (no site dedicated to kittens, babies, or what-I-had-for-breakfast posts).

* No blogs targeted at an audience larger than the Restoration Movement.

* No blogs that post less than once per month — unless the author is brilliant.

* Only theological sorts of things. It’s not enough that the author is a member of a Church of Christ if he’s writing about politics, welding, or gardening.

* No vitriol. No blogs that are hateful toward Bush or Obama. (There are some very un-Christian things being said in the name of Christ. Please stop.)

* No password protected sites.

* No legalism.

I just took the blogrolls from several readers, compiled them, eliminated the ones outsidethe rules, and here it is. I know I need to add some more — so please don’t take offense if I skipped your favorite blog (or your own). Just give the name and author and link in the comment box and I’ll get it posted.

Some of these look to be really good. Really, really good. But here are few criticisms (I can break my own rule) —

1. Who are you??? I can’t stand it when bloggers don’t put their names in the blog — especially when they assume I know who they are. I don’t.

2. No pictures or graphics in the background.

3. No changing type size from post to post. Don’t change font from post to post. Don’t change color.

4. Emphasis is bold, all caps, or italics. It’s not red. (It’s makes you look like you think you’re Jesus. He’s the only person who gets to speak in red letters.) It’s just harder to read blue or green letters. Black is always in fashion.


6 Responses

  1. Yes, remember that last point especially. Not even God gets to speak in red letters. Only Jesus.

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

  2. I’m part of a church not included in the restoration movement, does that mean your blog is off limits? =)

  3. Jay:

    I’ll let you make the decision as to whether my blog is out of your bounds or not. We’ve corresponded a few times but I don’t know if you know that I’m a former ultra-conservative CofC preacher who now worships with a Christian Church.

    I’ve specifically slanted my links toward Stone-Campbell Movement people and groups. I have only publicized my blog within the Christian Church community but I do have at least one regular reader and commenter who is non-denominational (but not S-CM).

    Anyways, I appreciate your blog and have added it to my blogroll. I would be honored if you did the same.

    Grace and peace be with you.

  4. I’ve gladly added you to the list. Just tell me this: how do you pronounce Hegyi? Heg-yi?

  5. Start with the word “egg” and add an “H” sound to the front of it and a long “e” sound to the back. H-egg-e

    However, don’t worry about it if you pronounce it wrong, I’ve become accustomed to it since I’ve been living in the South. 🙂

  6. Jay:

    You may want to remove my blog from your blog roll. I have recently been accepted as a catechumen in the Orthodox Church and have converted my blog (along with myself) to covering things from an Orthodox perspective.

    Grace and peace be with you in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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