On Going to Boston and Automatically Generated Links

I’m leaving town to visit Boston, home of lobster, chowder, and beans. I’ll be gone until Monday night, and so I may not have much time for commenting. I have posts all set to go — so the pace of posting won’t slacken — but I might not be saying much otherwise for a while.

While I’m there, I’ll be attending an affordable housing seminar, which may be great or may be boring. If it’s boring, I may actually be commenting more than usual. Who knows?

Of course, this means I’ll be out of town when we finally get to the end of the “Available Light” series, which I’m sure will be highly controversial. But it’s pure coincidence. Really.

For once, my wife will be going with me — that being because my oldest son lives in Boston, where he is part of a church plant. I can’t wait to spend time with the team and see how things are going.

Now, last weekend, my wife went to Miami, to visit another of our sons and to shop for winter clothes with our daughter-in-law. That’s right: WINTER clothes shopping in MIAMI. (I had to ask whether she plans to do summer shopping in Boston, and the results can’t be repeated. Well, how do you repeat “that expression” — the one that all married men know — in writing?)

So you can see how the empty nest thing is going. If the kids leave the nest, the nest goes to the kids.

And this has nothing to do with that, but a  reader wrote me concerned about one of the automatically generated links at “Faith Lessons by Ray Vander Laan: Learning to Walk Like Jesus, Part 2.”

There is little I can do about that. WordPress feeds the links based on some computer algorithm that figured those links have something to do with my topic (not very impressive programming). My only option is to turn off the automatic links altogether, which means there will be no reciprocal automatic posting of my posts on other people’s blogs — and I’ve actually had quite a few readers come over via those links. But if we continue to have tasteless links pop up, I may have to reconsider.


4 Responses

  1. Hey Jay,

    Have a great time in Boston. Give my love to all my friends in the church plant and eat a bowl of clam chowder for me….or 2…or 3….really as many as can be enjoyed without posing risk to anyone’s health.

  2. Say hello to Christoble for me. =)

  3. yes yes, winter clothes can actually be found in Miami. And you will love how cute your wife is dressed this fall! Hope you all have a fabulous time in Boston! Much love!

  4. Have a great time Jay. You have helped us so much, God bless you and your family. I cannot remember having such a realization of forgiveness for my sinfulness and so much real hope for heaven in my life. Your studies have blessed us all and I pray for the day, when the world will see the church, the family of God, the body of Christ, the Way, the church of God, as it was from the beginning as she flowed from the side of Christ… Unified and deep in love with each other inspite of opinion and differences.
    Love’s prayers,
    Jack Exum Jr.

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