What Would You Like to Read?

I’ve been going at this for 2 1/2 years now. I’ve posted over1,300 posts, not even counting Grace Conversation. I hate to think how many words I’ve typed! (Over 1,000,000 would be my guess, actually. You’d think my fingers would be more sore.)

I notice that the posts on Church of Christ controversies attract the most interest (posts on sex do pretty well, too). Communion meditations are big. Deep theology (Neo-Calvinism, for example) produces far fewer hits.

I don’t want to driven by hit counts. Then again, if there’s a need out there I’ve overlooked and if it’s in me to address it, I’d like to address it.

And so, it’s time to ask the readership: what subjects do I need to cover?


17 Responses

  1. Jay, I would love to see a series on the Christian and idolatry today: How Satan has stolen the Christian’s time. He has a lot of time to perfect his skills.

  2. I am interested in Spiritual formation/transformation. As Dallas Willard argues, all are receiving spiritual formation of one kind or another. Failure to act in a positive way means a drift in a negative way. How can churches be effective in promoting positive spiritual transformation in their members – and through their members, in their communities?

  3. i wouldn’t mind something on the problem of science (faith v. science) such as evolution or biomedical ethics ( ie stem cell reasearch)

  4. Like you, I’m keenly interested in seeing walls come down between various groups of believers. The effort at Grace Conversation was noble and useful, but the results fell short of bringing down the wall between us. But why stop there? I’d love to see a dialogue with the Independent Christian church. Maybe that would fit better into a context like “Grace Conversation” (although with a radically different atmosphere!)

    And after that, maybe there are some conservative Baptists with whom we could have a constructive dialogue. I hear that the gap between us has narrowed considerably in recent years. Maybe we should be talking more.

    Too “blue sky?” What do you think?

  5. yeah something on is ecuminism biblical would be neat

  6. Your website has helped me grow in faith in Jesus. How about guidance on:

    Christian living in a Socialistic vs. Capitalistic society. What is it like to be a Christian in Europe, for example?

    The Spiritual/ Community impact of smaller churches or a house church driven Chrisitan community. City or even Regional Elders possible and will they be given respect, i.e. Jerusalem Council? Who is overseeing the New England church plantings?

    The decline of historical Christian College. Are they in decline?

    “church of Christ” as a denomination…should we accept the reality and move forward?

    Some ideas.

  7. Jay
    I would like to see more on our para church organizations (Schools,retirement centers,camps, orphanages,missions) I am curious if they have had the kind of effect most would hope in the idea of church growth.

    Second is an exploration of why the majority of our 12,000 churches are below 200 members. Whats in our theology that keeps us small and anti-cultural?

  8. “Evolution” has stolen millions of souls since its acceptance by society. The number one reason young people and many others totally lose their faith and become agnostic IS BECAUSE OF Evolution teachings. This according to a recent survey. Aside from the fact that evolution is mathematically impossible, all discovered evidence points to creation and the bible account as being absolutely true. This evidence needs to be presented.

  9. I would like to know where our heritage is headed and what we should become. Going mainline like the Disciples of Christ did a generation ago is not an option. I think there is general move in a direction that will lead us to merge and dissolve into a generalized evangelicalism. For instance some Churches of Christ have taken down their CofC signs, added some instruments and are now are like independent fellowship churches in terms of theology and politics. Not to say that is a bad thing. God Bless’em. But I’d like for us to go somewhere different and I’m not sure where. I will say the emergent church conversation is intriguing to me.

  10. I’d love to see your opinions on how a Christian is to view illegal immigration. Is it okay for good Republican Christians (like me) to insist that immigrants enter this country legally? Or should we say to ourselves, “Man, these folks are so desperate for help. We shouldn’t be concerned whether all the ducks are in a row; we should recognize the incredibly horrible circumstances that drive these people to risk their lives and do all we can to assist them.”

  11. How we can get our congregations to focus on what is the heart of what Jesus tells us we should be doing as Christians – feeding the hungry, helping the poor, aiding those in prison, helping those who need help.

  12. i don’t really mean evolution itself but more of the impact on modern culture and church. physicists don’t seem to have the same qualms with God as biologists do.

  13. I’m always partial to seeing the gospels as the narrative develops…how the authors bring out different truths about Jesus through their inividual records.

    Also….Snap Knight…coolest name ever

  14. If you want discussion, here are two topics that might bring it:

    (1) How much do you pay the preacher? Especially in a smaller congregation (attendance under 100).

    (2) Gluttony (being overweight) in America and especially in the church.

  15. Most of us here have had enough deep theology discussions to know that no one changes their position via beautiful arguments. I think that’s why those discussions don’t get responses. It’s no secret that I disagree with your assessment of Romans 9 et al, but am in firm agreement on many other things. I don’t have enough time to participate in discussions that help none of the parties involved (save helping each other refine the way we communicate ideas). In fact, this is my first time back since my last comment on Romans 9.

    Controversy is a novelty that exists only between those with sacred-cow differences. As we become more “one in Jesus”, there will be less controversy.

    The news & discussion that I pay attention to has to do with being a better husband, dad, Jesus imitator, business person, earth maintainer, and social justice administrator:
    • While we are busy discussing theology, people at G20 in Pittsburgh are being shot with bean bags, abused with loudspeakers, held unconstitutionally, etc. What does the church do about these things?
    • Society tells us how to do business. What does Jesus say? How do we equip our members to be warriors in the business world?
    • What do the attributes of Jesus (blessings, honor, glory, power) have to do with how the world works?
    • What are the schemes of the enemy that we’re not ignorant of, and how do we use that knowledge on a day-to-day basis?
    • What is the kingdom and is it now, later, or both?
    • How can we better our reputations within our local communities?

    Stuff like that. I’m much more interested in encouraging Jesus followers to follow better, and let God take care of the theology problems, as He has been faithful to do throughout history. Even Paul says if you don’t believe correctly, God himself will fix that. So let’s prod each other into doing good works with practical details.

  16. I’ve got a series coming you just might like …

  17. Brad, I am with you about theology discussions that take place. There are too many people who like the contoversy and they usually become endlessly contentious.

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