The Holy Spirit: What Does It Mean to Have a Personal Relationship with Jesus?

spirit-thumb.jpgI get emails —

I’ve been following your blog for some time now and have come to believe that what you are teaching is largely correct.

Now I’m struggling with this idea of having a “relationship” with Jesus. How do I develop a relationship with someone I’ve never met, never had a conversation with, and never can (on this earth anyways)? …

I really appreciate your ministry and the good it does. There are many hundreds of thousands of us “conservatives” out there who need to see the light.

Thanks so much for your time and for any assistance you can offer.

I thought this would be another good question to pass along to the readers for an answer. What do you think?

[The ellipsis in the quote omits the question we took up two days ago.]


5 Responses

  1. Prayer, Bible Study, fellowship with true believers and service.

  2. For starters, read Jay’s book, The Holy Spirit and Revolutionary Grace, with an open mind.

  3. The good news is, you can have conversations with Him!

    If you start seeking Him the first thing He will do is teach you to hear His voice. First-and-a-half is getting rid of things from your life that prevent you from hearing. This can be a rough stage, but stick with it. On the other side is more than just conversations. Conversations become the backdrop from which one walks the walk.

    To expound on Nancy’s comments: Pray “hide-n-seek” prayers. God wants us to seek Him with all our hearts, but you don’t have to seek that which is out in the open. God will train you with a “marco-polo” effect, meaning, you call, He answers, you go toward the voice. He is faithful to teach you.

    Then, read the Bible using your ears. Read a passage, and wait for God to say something about it.

    Get around people whose faith is bigger than yours. Somebody who you admire as a maker of disciples, or a great servant. Ask them for one appointment a week to process what is going on. Keep a journal of moments that might be God speaking, but you can’t tell if its wishful thinking. Keep a log of answered prayers.

    Find the hurting, the poor, the rejected, the ignored – anyone in need, and go volunteer. Jesus said that when we help theses people we are helping Him. So, whenever you help someone, look them in the eye, and check for Jesus. :^)

    Finally, remember to keep pursuing God past the point of exhaustion. If we seek Him with ALL of our strength, how much does that leave us? When it seems that God just doesn’t talk to you, double your efforts. Prayers like, “You said if I seek you I would find you, so where are you!?!” are fine. When we claim His promises, He smiles!

  4. Amen Nancy & Brad. Your two comments are most perfect pair I have ever read. Prayer, Bible study, and fellowship followed by how to. Thanks both of you.

  5. And of course – seek His voice while believing you will hear it.

    We have been so conditioned to believe otherwise that we have made ourselves deaf to even His loudest shouts.

    My wife and I began by simply repenting of our former attitude and asking others to pray for us to be open to Him.

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