GraceConversation: Mac and Phil Withdraw

grace7Phil has withdrawn from the discussion due to lack of time. Mac has also withdrawn. He’s allowed me to post his final email expressing his opinion of the discussion and issuing a challenge.


4 Responses

  1. Seems a shame…

  2. I wish calmer heads could have prevailed.

    Is there an overlap between the so-called conservative mindset and the heart of an irenic spirit?

  3. With 100 years of differences, it’s not surprising, really.

    To proceed further, there needs to be a commitment to a year’s worth of face-to-face meetings – and not debates, as Mac has offered. A debate allows us to judge who has the quicker wit or the more amiable personality. It is a poor forum for coming together, for by nature, it is a defensive proposition.

    (If every time your elders needed to make a major decision they debated it on the stage in front of the congregation, what would be accomplished but divisiveness?)

  4. Jay and all,

    When Mac Deaver accepts the grace of Christ and salvation by faith alone, he will be a powerful man of God. Debates are not about truth seeking, rather winners and losers. I put my money on the grace and Jesus. Just flush the COC patterns down the toilet where they belong.

    Gary Cummings

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