GraceConversation: Posts by Todd and Jay

grace7Todd and I have just put four posts up —

On Second Thought …

Answers to Mac’s Questions

Response to Mac’s View of Repentance

Questions for Mac and Phil

These posts reflect a change in direction from our earlier announcement, but we needed to cover this ground.


6 Responses

  1. Have you heard of, or had a chance to glance at, Danny Corbitt’s book, Missing More Than Music : When Disputable Matters Eclipse Worship and Unity?

    The .pdf version is available free at the official website.

  2. I have read it and found it very well researched and scripturally referenced. It is a good review of both sides of the IM discussion (although the anti-IM side would not agree).

    God bless

  3. I’ve read it front to back and found it, on the whole, excellent.

    I plan to do a short series on it pretty soon, but Corbitt is planning to revise the .pdf version shortly, so I figure I need to wait for the update.

  4. Alan(2),

    It’s hard for the readers to keep up when more than one person uses the identical name. Alan(1) (Alan Rouse) beat you to just plain “Alan.” Could you add an initial or something?

  5. Well, we do have different web-links. And different cartoons assigned to us. 🙂

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