Second Elder Training Poll

For the last two weeks, I’ve had a poll on elder training at the top of the blog. The results are in. 88% of those answering would like additional training beyond the excellent, one-day per year ElderLink program offered by ACU and Lipscomb at sites across the country.

Now I need to know what format you prefer —

If more than one option is acceptable to you, vote for each. The software will only let you check one box at a time, so you’ll need to vote as many times as you make choices.


One Response

  1. I voted for the week-long training, but with a caveat. An elder who has not retired from a secular career is in a much different situation from one who is retired. Those who hold secular jobs are probably the youngest, and the ones with the least experience as elders, and yet they are the ones with the least time available.

    I’m a big fan of elders learning from other elders. A directed conversation among elders would probably be more valuable than lecture-style training. Given a choice, I would attend training from effective elders rather than minister-led or college professor-led training.

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