How “Church of Christ” Are You?

MisconceptionsHere’s a Facebook application that’s been making the rounds: How “Church of Christ” Are You?

You fill out a survey and find out whether your are sound, a lost heathen, or somewhere in between.

Whoever posted it sure knows his Church of Christ. (Rumors notwithstanding, it wasn’t me.)


21 Responses

  1. And shockingly I am an “Apostate Change Agent.” Who me? (Of course most of my ministry partners are directly hell bound.)

  2. I thought it was pretty funny, but several people who saw my results on my FB page have been offended by it. Sigh.

  3. Uh…I took the…uh…test and it says that I’m…uh…an Apostate Change Agent. Next thing they’ll be calling me a LIBERAL! I don’t understand how they could come to that conclusion! Change Agent…what a laugh…just because I play a guitar…have a beard…preach out of the NIV…like Small Groups…read Rubel Shelly…ride a motorcycle…preach grace…got rebuked in an old brotherhood periodical…

  4. Please tell me the survey is a joke!

    No one could pass it or not even understand the questions.

    I too have been sent to hell.

  5. This was created by former members of the Church of Christ on this website:

    If you respond, please do it in a lovingly, Christ-like matter. They have a forum for members of the Church of Christ to converse with ex-members.

  6. As they say in East Tennessee, “It’s a hoot and a half!”

    I’ve always thought the surest sign of error is missing sense of humor. The Spirit gives joy, which includes laughter.

  7. If Facebook says you’re going to hell, well … it’s a computer program. How could it be wrong??? Computers never make mistakes.

  8. Thanks. I used to hang out over there. Lot’s of good folks — both in and out of the CoC. Good to know they still have their sense of humor about them.

  9. What a bitter site. This isn’t funny. It’s sad to think that someone of such talent to do a facebook application would be so bitter to publish this. And all those people now who have fallen into the same bitterness.

  10. What would my church think if they found out one of the elders is a “pew warmer?” 😉

  11. I only needed to see how two of my friends scored to know that taking the quiz was not needed. I already know I am an apostate, lost, change agent, and the list goes on….And, just this week I made the honor roll at Piney dot com.

    If you preach Christ and not the church of Christ you are not a good person. Sad huh?


  12. Broad to say, I’m a “lost heathen” on this test. There may be hope for me, yet!

  13. Earle,
    Though it may be bitter it is true. I could fill volumes with the stories of how the traditional church of Christ has destroied people’s lives in the name of God.

  14. Lighten up…don’t take everything so serious and it won’t be so bitter.

    Grace and peace,


  15. At first glance, this was funny (728b). Then I noticed some of the questions didn’t include my belief on the subject. Now, knowing that someone who is proud to have left wrote it, I believe my conclusion was right.

    It is laughing at us rather than laughing with us.

  16. Well, you have to admit, we are rather funny sometimes.

  17. I don’t know, Alan, but it’s scary. The wife of one of my elders saw it and replied, “Interesting….” I’m not sure how to take that. 🙂

  18. That’s OK…we’ve laughed at them for some time now. 😉 It only hurts bad if you buy into it…I don’t. I’m not all that concerned what a survey says. 🙂

  19. A good roasting makes fun of a person’s quirks but not their core values. I personally like some of the “You might be a member of the church of Christ if” lists that I have seen.

    However, this questionnaire pokes fun at the historic cofC core values which moves it from fun to frustrating.. Of course, since most who post on this forum seem to have a disdain for cofC core values you will think it funny. Just don’t say we don’t have a sense of humor for not seeing the humor in this.

  20. The quiz is funny and tragic at the same time. As a former member of the COC, I would have gotten a different rating when I was a legalist in 1969. Now I am an “Apostate” according to this test (but not according to Christ!).

    The traditional COC does consider grace-filled believers as apostates. People like Jay are “apostates”, and that is sad. I guess Paul of Tarsus would be an apostate, because he said salvation is from faith from start to finish.

  21. Here is a quirk I thought was funny. Last night, Jay Leno gave some of his funniest newspaper articles and advertisements that have strange, unintended sayings. One of the them went like this:.

    “Welcome to the West Side, a Church of Christ. [with preacher name]
    Morning service, Preparing for Marriage,
    Evening service, A Look at Hell.

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