Shout Out for Justin Michael Allen

A few of you may have noticed that my Indexing system is UP TO DATE!!!  HOORAY!!!

Justin has agreed to handle the indexing duties and has — remarkably — managed to catch up the indexing despite the deluge of posts over the weekend. (I think the Glen Coffee post got him excited. 😀 (I mean, Christianity and Alabama football … surely the new heavens and new earth will have football stadiums)).

Anyway, it’s been a huge relief for Matthew Proctor to take on the tagging and Justin to take on the indexing. The tagging helps the hit count (meaning more people get some good out of all this, I hope), and the indexing helps people look stuff up and maybe find something helpful to them. Google is great, but just try looking up “truth” and see how many links truly tell you what/who truth is!

And so, if you ever find something helpful to you via the Indexing system (the Index tab at the top of the page and the list of Pages on the left of the page), insert a comment thanking Justin for his help. Indexing is hard work.

(Now if I could find someone to write this stuff …)

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