Glen Coffee’s Draft Status Enhanced by His Outspoken Christianity

coffeeI just have to point out a remarkable story about Glen Coffee, running back for Alabama who left school a year early to enter the draft. He was originally rated well below the top-10 running backs in the draft — but his stock rose so that he was drafted as the first pick of the third round.

Why the improvement? His Christianity.

Here’s an earlier post about how Coffee was converted by his roommate while in college. And here’s a story from the Birmingham News about how his draft status went up due to how well he handled himself —

Coffee’s agent Todd Crannell said that they get these scouting reports from the NFL when the the process begins, and Coffee was originally ranked as the 15th best running back, which translates into being a 5th round pick. But Crannell said because of the job Coffee has done representing himself and because of his workouts, he’s climbing.

It’s impossible to tell right now, but Crannell said Coffee is now considered to be the 6th or 7th best back, which might land him in the second or third round. Some of it because of Coffee’s sterling character displayed by his strong faith. So that’s interesting…

Coffee’s recent appearance on the “700 Club” was impressive, as he spoke simply of his faith:

In age when professional athletes are famous for their arrests, drug use, and selfishness, it’s encouraging to see an athlete rewarded for his faith.


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