Alabama: The Only University Disappointed When Just 84,050 Fans Show for a Spring Practice Game

And what other schools have their spring games broadcast live on ESPN?


9 Responses

  1. Oklahoma did!

  2. And Oklahoma’s attendance was … ?

  3. All else is just a Bama want to be…… Roll Tide!!

  4. Oklahoma spring game attendance: 28,592

    Sad, really …

  5. How many times has Alabama played for a national championship lately?

    Okay, that’s unfair. When was the last conference championship?

    Sad, really…

  6. Even Auburn had over 40,000….

  7. What’s really sad is that the only thing folks in Alabama get excited over is Bama football.

    really, really sad…..

  8. Those have got to be the biggest attendance figures I have ever heard of for high school football!!!! WOW I thought Texas was big on HS Football. You guys in Oklahoma and Alabamee really turn out!!!!!

  9. I only hope that the Vols beat them this year.

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