hitchartOne In Jesus had 16,500 hits in December, which was a good month — but the site had 39,640 hits in March — up nearly 250%. Oh, wow!

Now the crazy thing is the first really big daily jump came on the day I posted Justin Martyr and the Didascalia Apostolorum, which was hardly my most exciting piece of work. So I was surprised to see the “hits keep on coming,” but they did.

The biggest day ever was the day I posted The Franchise Agreement, which happened to be the same day Edward Fudge mentioned Letter to a Disfellowshipped Reader in his GracEmail. I thought The Franchise Agreement might get some attention, but had no idea the other would draw so much attention. It got even more hits, proving that compassion outscores snarkiness (but by just a little).

Anyway, it’s very gratifying — and much appreciated.

And as much as I appreciate the hits, I appreciate the comments even more. I’m convinced the participation of so many readers helps make the blog attractive. In fact, I can tell that the hits go up when people are commenting — so thanks very much. I think many readers like the commenters better than me.

PS — New bloggers notice how very long it takes to build an audience. Be patient.

PPS — If you’re curious, the bump in March 2008 was for the Quail Springs controversy. The bump in May 2008 was for the Letter to a Gay Member of the Churches of Christ series.


4 Responses

  1. Apparently you save your best material for March. 😉

  2. Jay,

    You are welcome!

    Robert Baty

  3. Congratulations Jay. I’ve been reading since Mid 2007, please keep up the good work.

  4. Jay it is because you are so fair and open, allowing way more comments and ideological latitude than other blogs. I predict that your blog will only continue to rise in usage and hits. It is also helping honest sincere brothers and sisters study their way out of the chains of legalism and that is something you will receive a reward for in Heaven.

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