Free Books from Jack Exum

Br. Jack Exum posted this comment last night, but there have been so many comments lately, his kind offer to the readers has disappeared from the screen. Therefore, I re-post his offer here —

Dear Jay, thanks for the memories. I am now retired. Wrote and published 39 books. Inherited 30k and now in the process of giving them away. Any of your many readers who desire 20 different titles in a box may receive a box. I started with 1300 boxes and now down to about 700. If they want to include $10.00 for the box, stuffing, postage and labor – fine. This would help but is NOT NECESSARY TO RECEIVE THE BOOKS FREE. My main effort is to get this materials in the hands of those who want them.

Just hurry while supplies last and before Jeus calls me home. Love you – Jack. My address is 244 SE. Sable Lane, Lake City, Fla. 32024. Keep up the good work.

So … get 20 books for free from a man who helped countless thousands in the Churches of Christ escape legalism. Sounds like a deal to me.

(Pay the $10 for shipping and handling if you can, even though you don’t have to. A workman is worthy of his hire.)


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  1. Brother Jack,

    Already have all your books and have given many away. First met you 40+ years ago at a retreat in Black Mountain, NC and several Unusual Days since. I have some old tapes too. Do you still have that bad check in your wisdom box? I have one in mine.

    Thanks for the wisdom, the love and the formative Exom facet of my faith.

  2. Dear Jack,

    Jack, We met several years ago when you came to the College Church in Fresno. Always enjoyed you at Pepperdine and Yosemite.

    We now live in Tennessee, Murfreesboro, to be exact.

    Would love to hear from you.

    Clifford Reeves

    615 216 6419

  3. Does he also ship overseas? =)

  4. Bro Jack

    I remembered that you used to come to Singapore – either in the late 70’s or early 80’s. Glad to know that you are doing well and waiting for Jesus to take you home. How about making another trip to Singapore?

    Jee Kim

  5. Bro. Jack

    God spoke to me through you in 1990 to break the bondage of legalism and give me a glimmer of HOPE. 20 years later I am well on the other side of deprogramming but I thank you for sharing the WORD!! I still have all you books and tapes. Anybody out there convert them to mp3??


  6. Dear Folks, Glad to hear fromyou, i needed the endouragement. The cost of sending 30k booksis now above $12K. I will send them to you – you send them overseas. I am making the books available to all graduates of our colleges and Univ. that respond.
    I have about 300 boxes left, but will put what is left of the books into 200 more. They will include less than 20 as I run out of titles. Ann is in the hosptial now with bladder problems. Pray for us. Jack

  7. Hello Jack. Sorry to hear that Ann is in the hospital.
    We will give away as many books as you want to send us. There is no church yet in Hector, AR.
    We have bought a house and paid it off. Now my
    husband is preaching for the church in Clayton, OK
    till we are able to start a church here. The church
    in Clayton is small. If you want to send a set of books
    for them, I will put them in the library there in memory of those we have lost.
    Tell Ann we are praying for her.
    We have used your Timothy and Tabitha books with
    our children and many others.
    Our son Cory is at Freed-Hardeman now.
    He likes it so much he keeps changing his major to
    stay longer…I think. Or maybe it’s a girl named April
    he keeps talking about. I think she might be an
    answer to our prayers.
    Thanks for all of your hard work for all of us.
    Love in Christ always. Randy and June Gray
    Graduates of International Bible College
    (Remember those soul winning workshop days?)

  8. Our email address is

  9. Hello Jack, It has been quite some time since we last talked. Back when you moved from Ga to FL. I hope this finds you and the family well. I miss you all. A lot has come to fruition in that time span. Believe it or not Joshua My oldest is at Lipscomb working on his Masters of Divinity.
    I miss hanging out with Bob and our time together at Hartwell. I fanally left there in 2000. From Feb 1984 to Dec 2000 . It took its toll. I hope this gets to you. I will keep you in my Prayers. Keep me in your prayers and say hey to Bob for me……..Doug

  10. Where can I buy about 10 copies of Division and Divorce?


  11. Jack, My husband meet you several years ago and you made a great impression on him. He only has a couple of your books. I have been attempting to locate you and your books as I would enjoy having many, many more to read, enjoy and encourage others with them. You really have given hope to many out there through your work and the books you have written. Thank you so much for your faith. Faith is our stronghold. I currently do a Ladies newsletter and enjoy the opportunity to use some out of your books. Thanks for the permission to do so. I would really like to get some more of your books if you’ll let me know how I am able to do so. Sorry to hear than Ann is having health problems will remember your family in my prayers. God bless. In Christian Love, Teresa

  12. Brother Jack:

    I was a young boy when I saw you last. I remember you and Dad having wonderful talks. I hope you remember my Dad, King Culbreth. He always had great regard for you. Dad was called home in 2000. We talked of you often. Hope you and Ann are well and that she is feeling better from her health problems.



  13. Dear Jack – My husband was just telling me that he ordered some books from you about three to four months ago but never received them. He said he sent a $20.00 check, and the check was cashed, but he has not received the books. Would you check to see if anything was shipped to Doug Brannon, 1542 Highway 10 East, Fort Gibson, OK 74434? He has been struggling a great deal lately in his faith, and so have I. We would appreciate your response. Thank you and God Bless – Beth Brannon

  14. Hey Beth,
    This is Jack Jr., and I will get this message to my dad asap. I am sure it was an oversight on his part… He has about four things the doctors are saying he needs to have done, so this has been pressing on his mind.
    Thanks for letting me know.
    Jack Jr.

  15. Jack, My wife and I have been long time supporters of your father and we haven’t heard from him in several months. Could you please give us an update on him and Ann?
    Your brother in Christ
    Dave Halligan

  16. Hey Dave,
    Glad to do this for you. Mom is presently and has been for the past year in the nursing home. She has demensia. So it is good day/bad day with her. Dad goes almost daily to spend time with her. She is 80 yrs. old. Still sweet and beautiful… but I have to overlook the ocassional flare ups, because I know this isn’t the way she is in her heart.

    Dad is 80 and is at home and mobile enough and is very alert, conversive and as active as he can be. Still writes for the Lake city Reporter Religious page on Saturday. He has quite a following here. Won the Amy Award a couple of years ago. I speak with him daily. You may call him at 386-755-9525. He is scheduled to have a couple of by-pass operations soon on his legs. The veins are badly clogged and give him limited mobility without pain and cramps.

    Of course he is at church assembly regularly, and helps in our class on The holy Spirit and Revolutionary Grace. He tends to really get into the group conversations, and share his wisdom. We consider ourselves very blessed to have him in class of course, realizing that thousands would love to be there and listen and ask him questions if they could.

    So I hope this helps. Feel free to call and speak with him, he will be glad to hear from you, (after 12noon when he gets up).

    All the best,

    Jack Jr.

  17. Jack,

    I can’t tell you how honored I am to hear that your dad participates in teaching my book. You made my day.

  18. Thanks jay,
    Yes hehas been and is very much participating in helping with bits of wisdom in our class on Grace. Just speaking with him today, and he was saying that although we didn’t ‘cover much ground’ that it was very interesting discussion.

    I asked him to write another book on “Things I wish I’d said, but never did”. He said he is too old! I think he needs some encouragement. I told him, you may be ‘old’ but certainly more wise… and I think people would love to read it.

    Anyway thanks alot,


  19. I just heard about your books today…found this site. Wondering if you still have books? I would love as many as I can get. I am a member of the Casper Church of Christ in Casper, Wy. Just began a ladies bible class using one of your books…The Holy Spirit: How He Works In The Life of the Christian Today.
    Thank you for any help!
    With love in Christ.

  20. Jay,

    I can think of no other group outside our own little congregaion where I would rather get this news out, than with you and your blog. Dad needs the prayers of all.

    Dad went into surgery last Thursday (Dec. 10) for the removing of a vein in his leg which was blocked. They successfuly replaced it with another.

    All went well till on Sunday (Dec. 13th) at 3am dad called and said he had had a mild heart attack. He sounded a bit nervous, but said he was so ready and looking forward to ‘the rest of the story’. He had been moved to PCU (Precautionary Care Unit), which is a step away from ICU (Intensive Care Unit), so he could receive more care, at Gainesville Regional Medical Hospital (Florida).

    Now, dad is still in PCU, and is sedated and restrained and has a breathing machine on (tube down the throat etc…) in an attmept to get the oxygen level up in the blood stream and stabilized. He is getting some blood, which will help the anemia. He has congestive heart failure, and is not stable at this time I am writing (Dec. 14th.).

    The goal is to stabilize him, and get this under control, so he can recover. This is his condition at this point. Obviously, he is very sick, and I cannot get all details in this little note.

    What can be done, we are doing… especially praying, that the next couple of days will see an improvement.

    What we are asking is that you pray for dad. He has helped many.

    We love you all and thank you Jay for your love for truth and unity,

    Jack Exum Jr.

  21. Jack,

    I’ve been in prayer for your father all day, and posted your note at the first opportunity.

    Your dad has been a great servant of the Lord for many years. I’m sure many more will be in prayer for him.

  22. Thanks Jay. Spread the word about dad. He needs the prayers, and is showing some sings of improvement.

  23. Jack Jr.

    Sorry to hear of the troubles that your father is having.
    I will keep him and your family in my prayers daily. I inherited some of your fathers books a few years back
    after my grandfather passed away, and I have read through most of them and enjoy them very much. I would really like to have the set that he has offered on
    this web-site if any are left. Please let me know and I
    will be glad to cover the costs.

    C. McClure


  25. Posted at the request of Jack Exum, Jr.

    Hey Jay,

    Prayers are being answered as dad is steadily improving in most areas. He of course was near death, with kidneys shutting down, lungs with pneumonia, weak heart, and other infections. Amazing how the body acts as one and when one part suffers, it has an affect on the rest.

    Dad has been making small steps of improvement over the past week, but yesterday, (23rd) they were able to remove the life support system. This was a risky thing, since we did not know how he would react. But he was alert enough at this time to be able to communicate that if he experienced problems, that he wanted to get back on life support. So the will to live was back. The tubes were removed, he was breathing on his own, and able to cough and begin clearing up the lungs.

    Today, he remained off the life support, more alert and awake, eyes open, and softly speaking. Even though his condition is very fragile, and he could have a recurrence, his kidneys are still shut down, and he is on dialysis, and may continue on this for the remainder of his life.

    He is a fighter when he wants to be, and it seems this time, he may survive this battle. For this we are so grateful, and thank everyone for their continued prayers.

    I am sure he would enjoy get well cards (funny ones as well as inspirational), and this will help him in recovering. So as well as your prayers being coveted, we ask you to send him a get well card.

    The address is as follows: Jack Exum c/o 6500 West Newberry Road, Gainesville, FL 32605 (Floor 6 South).

    Thank you…

    Jack Exum Jr

  26. Jack,

    I’m thrilled to hear that your dad is doing better. Prayer is a powerful thing.


    If you didn’t grow up in the Churches of Christ when I did, you may not realize that Jack Exum preached gospel meetings all across the country for many years — and he taught churches grace and the Holy Spirit when those were career-ending lessons. We owe a lot to Jack Exum.

  27. I was, just this evening, watching an old re-run of “The Rifleman” on when the young star Johnny Crawford who plays the part of Mark McCain, son of Lucas McCain (Chuck Conners) mentioned another character in the plot of the story. The name was Dalrymple. That’s only important because it jogged in my memory that this name was very, very well-known at a youth camp that you and I both spoke at in the early 1990’s, Nationwide Youth Roundup in Colorado.

    I spoke once on the life of Jacob and you spoke on a number of practical topics relevant to youth. I was amazed at how God had gifted you to speak to young people and touch their hearts. If you were in your late sixties or early seventies then, you would now be nearing your early to mid 90’s.

    My name is Danny Dixon, and I had come to know of the NYR Christian family camp through another man who was a mighty warrior in trying to rid members of the Restoration Movement of its legalism. His name was William (Bill) Pile from Los Angele, CA. A few years after that I was the youth minister of a church plant that he was a part of in the inner city of Los Angeles called Christ’s Church in the City at Griffith Park Christian Church.

    I immediately did a google search and found both the Facebook NYR site and, after reflecting for a few moments on YOUR name, I found this site.

    God bless you and those who are closest to you. May the work you have don.e–seeds sown in the kingdom–grow long past your years to make the church of God be a place people will long appreciate,

    Sincerely, and in Christ,

    Danny Andre’ Dixon

  28. Jack,
    Just happened on to this website and read about your health problems. Sounds like you’re still have the drive and inner strength that you had back at Dasher in 1946. I wish you the best and that you will be out and about soon.
    Your Old Classmate,
    Jim Barkuoo

  29. Dear Jay,

    Well, I have been waiting for this time. Dad has made remarkable improvement. He is out of the Medical Center and is now in the Lake City Health Center for a period of rehabilitation (3 weeks according to him) (I think more like 6 weeks minimum), as of Jan. 7th.


    His struggle from near death due to a heart attack, combined with pneumonia, and kidney failure.

    However, he is back to his old self, just weak. His condition is a bit fragile, and we still do not know the damage done to his heart.

    He is walking with a walker now, but looks forward to the time when he will do without.

    Wiwik (my wife) and I brought mom to see him for the first time in 6 weeks. But she and dad were together in his room and we all watched as these two who have loved each other for over 62 years, sat together and hugged and kissed and just leaned on each other.

    Tears? Yes I cried. Overwhelmed at the grace, love and blessing of having mom and dad still with us.

    Thank you all for your love.

  30. Jack Exum passed away on Sunday February 7, 2010.

  31. (((Exum family)))

  32. Linda,

    Thanks for the post. It’s a day of mourning for all the Churches of Christ. Jack served the Lord powerfully and effectively. He’ll be missed.

  33. Brother Jack held a Gospel Meeting in the football stadium at Central High School in Florence, Alabama in the mid 1970’s. It is one I will never forget.

    He used a small shovel and a large snow shovel to prove a point on how we give to God and how God gives back to us in return.

    I know his soul is resting peaceful now and I look forward to seeing him again in heaven.

    John Richards

    PS I would love to have some of his free books if you have anymore.

  34. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
    Well as you read from my sister in law, Linda, dad passed away on Sunday the 7th. He was in the Lake City Medical Center here in Lake City, Fla. My wife Wiwik, Bob and I were with him. My wife noticed his last breath, she told Bob and he went to get the nurse who verified the fact that he was gone. He had left behind a body that was worn out. Yes it was and is very hard on us. Preparing the funeral going through all of this was hard. Doesn’t seem real. Still seems like a dream to me.
    Dad had said often he wanted to go home. After the first heart attack in December, after his leg bypass was done successfully, he came through it and recalls seeing me and was disappointed that he wasn’t already in heaven. I thought it was funny. But he was really disappointed, because he really wanted to go on to “the next adventure”.
    He recovered, I took him to the rehab center in Lake city where mom is now. He was doing very well. He did however push himself a bit much. Insisting that he walk (with a walker), down to see mom several times a day. He braged on how many steps he had taken that day. But the nurses told him not to go without someone with him.
    He had a second episode, with a mild heart attack, and went to the Lake City Medical Center. He didn’t stay there long, and after recovering from that he went back to the health center. We questioned the wisdom of this to the doctor. But he told us, they had done all they could do.
    The third time was to proove too much for him. He was struggling to get his breath after little exersion. It was about 2 days later, after returning to the health center, that he suffered another mild heart attack, and was sent back to the Lake City Med. Ctr. Again the doctor told us his days wer numbered and there was nothing that could be done. I was calling family and others to come, when dad passed away.
    Bob came out into the hallway where I was making calls as quickly as I could, and told me dad was gone, and I went in and found my wife, Wiwik, leaning over dad crying, saying “I love you dad, don’t go.” I leaned over from the other side, and cried with her.
    Dad had finally gotten what he wanted, having peacefully gone to be with Jesus, and experience what he had called the “next adventure”.
    Officiating at the funeral was, Earl Williams, who participates in the “Three Unusual Days” ministry, along with Jerry Cantrell, Danny Deloach (cousin) and wonderful friend, and a life long friend he called, “Moon”. The service was simple and although he had written for the Lake City Reporter for some 15 years, there was about 100 in attendance.
    For reasons of health, and wanting to keep mom with us longer, and on advise from the nurses attending mom, I didn’t have mom brought to the funeral. She suffers from demensia (last stages so I am told). Hard decision.
    I have asked and am asking now, that all who have memories of dad, and stories to tell, send them to me, at 496 SW Jafus Ave., Lake City, Fla., 32024 so these can be gathered and sharded with family and friends, and possibly used in the Lake city Reporter.
    Dad was a long time member of the Central Church of Christ. A small struggling congregation where I serve as minister on part time basis. We are asking that all who might have wished to send flowers simply make a donation to the church that will miss him very much, as a sign of their love for dad. This can be mailed to my address with church of Christ on it and I will give this to the church, in memory of dad.
    If you wish to receive a news letter accounting his last two months with us, please let me know. I will be glad to send it.

    On Saturday, the 6th, I was with dad pretty much all night. He was pulling out his I.V. and was being a little unco-operative…. so I had been called at home to come and help. The nurses and I were trying to get him cleaned up, changed, and comfortable… He was saying he was going to call the police… He said to me, “call 9-1-1”. I said, “Dad, if I do they will bring you here.” Dad said, “You’re so dumb, Jack.” I ignored all this, knowing his CO2 level was high, and he was not in his right mind. Eventually we got everything done. He was calm, comfortable… still struggling with his breath. As he had done so often, he kicked off the covers, and sat on the edge of the bed. Leaning over to seemingly breath better, he started talking and singing.
    He sang, “O Lord, it’s hard to be humble… when you’re perfect in every way…”
    He started talking about when he was young, (16), he had the habit of smoking. When he met mom, she told him one time on a date, “I don’t like that.” (smoking). He threw away his cigarette, and said “I don’t like it either.” He never picked up a cigarette again.
    He sang, their song, “It had to be you…just had to be you…”
    He sang his last song, “Blest Be The Tie That binds”
    For dad, the church was very important. Unity and grace, and the Holy Spirit. He said, “Jay’s book has changed me.” “I have learned so much from his book about grace and God’s Holy Spirit.” He sent them everywhere he could. When in Bible class where I teach using Jay’s book, dad would often interject and comment, and teach a bit on points that were special to his heart.
    His favorite scripture, Romans 8
    His favorite passtime, was telling stories and laughing, and teaching others about Jesus.
    He blessed alot of people…
    We will all miss him sorely.
    Thanks Jay for this opportunity to tell just a little about dad.
    Love to you and all,
    In His love,
    Jack Exum Jr.

  35. […] [Click here for the full text of Jack Jr.'s note.] […]

  36. I am sorry to hear from your father’s death. I remember him from my childhood days in Dallas. When you and your family are ready to, please email or call me about transferring your dad’s papers to the Center for Restoration Studies, where they can be permanently cared for and can continue to speak. His letters, articles, sermons, and many other sorts of records would together help readers in the future understand his books and his message. Ph 325 674 2538

  37. Hey Jack, Don and I were talking pleasantly about you and the family recently and he mentioned you may be in Florida. I decided to try to find you and voila!!! I am living in Tallahasse and I see you are in Lake City so essentially we are still neighbors. Just wanted to say hello to you and the family and would like to get together some time when you are free. Maybe some tennis??? Oh well, I have already gotten old around the edges. Haven’t played in a while but still ride my bicycle. Hope to hear from you soon. God Bless. wayne

  38. Jack, Jr. Please accept my apology for not reading all the way down the comment page. I was so ecstatic that I found Jack’s address I had to get off a mesage.I am sorry to hear of your father’s recently entry to heaven for you grieving family, but glad to know that he has fought a good fight and now is in the presence of His Lord and Savior Jesus. You may not remember me, but I was your neighbor when you lived in River Bend in GA. Your family was always special to my brother Don and me. Jack beat me in the finals of the tennis tournament and ragged me furiously for a long time. It was always such a joy to be in his presence. Please accept my condolences and know your family will always remain a bright light within my heart. Tell all hello for me and I love you all. God Bless. wayne brady

  39. Just wondering if there was a way to put all the book in pdf. and the tapes in Mp3. It would help me since I am young preacher who has never heard Jack Exum speak. Also To have it where i could print and using his books for church work and classes would be a great help. Its online a suggestion. I was looking from mp3 and pdf when I cam across this website. I am in the middle of reading Soul Winning. I feel inspired by it and wonder why the same concepts where not taught in the school of preaching. Please let me know if I can help in the effort or inform me that I haven’t found what has already been done.

    Thank you

    WIll Arnold

  40. Presently I am working on a web site for dad’s books and materials… several books are on pdf there, however putting his audio lessons on there is more difficult. Keep in touch, and we will be addiing more to the site. Thanks,
    Jack Jr.

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