Ray Vander Laan’s “Follow the Rabbi” lectures

Thanks to the work of David Scott, Ray Vander Laan’s lectures on “Follow the Rabbi” that were delivered at Focus on the Family are available for download. The links follow:

Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Lesson 5
Lesson 6
Lesson 7
Lesson 8
Lesson 9
Lesson 10

Lesson 11
Lesson 12

Now these are about 9 or 10 hours of lecture, and so I suggest you put these on CDs or download these as Podcasts to play on your mp3 player, rather than trying to listen to them all from your computer.

These are GREAT! I mean, they’ve been passed around my church, and I know people who’ve listened to all 9 or 10 hours 4 times. People are making copies for their kids and friends, and they are spreading like wildfire across the country.

The lectures cover some of the same material as the DVD series, but the DVD lessons are shot on site and are designed for Bible class use. The mp3 downloads are a day’s worth of fascinating, mind-blowing lectures. And there’s no problem with listening to both. They each shed light on the other, but they are not the same.

Oh, and you have to start at the beginning. Whoever was recording the series simply changed CDs in the recorder as each CD was filled, so the “lessons” tend to start in the middle of a lecture.

Good stuff.

Thanks to Scott.


27 Responses

  1. Jay,

    I am extremely interested in these mp3s. I have been using Vander Laan’s videos for a number of years. However, there seem to be several bad links. The link for lesson 9 downloads a copy of lesson 8. The links for lessons 11 and 12 download a quicktime movie, not an mp3.

  2. Thanks. I think the links all work now.

  3. Great resource! We’re on our next to last DVD in the Ray Vanderlaan Faith Lessons series, it’s really enriched our faith. Can’t wait to listen to this stuff.

  4. 11 and 12 are still quicktime files.

  5. We have watched Ray for a number of years and enjoy his series. Thanks for these mps3’s.
    # 11 and #12 are linked to .mov which is video. Is that the intended format for these last 2 links?

  6. Dominic and Hugo,

    These are links to someone else’s website. It is surprising to see the .mov extension, but they play just fine on my computer, and there’s no video, just sound.

    If these won’t play on your computer, let me know and I’ll see if I can get these in mp3 format.

  7. I have been listening to these CD’s and finished the last one today on a drive back home from North Alabama. They are incredible!!!

  8. I thank God for Ray’s teaching and I wanted him to know that. I have listened to his VCR tapes many times and gain so much from them. Sincerely, Don Meekhof

  9. I can get them to play on my computer, but I haven’t checked my Walgreen’s Special mp3 player yet. I’ll let you know tomorrow.

  10. Love the teaching. Love the tiny little smiley face in the upper right hand corner of the website 🙂

  11. just wanting to know if you can send these by mp3. i can’t seem to download them. just load them in a browser.


    stephen quinn.

  12. I am trying to find out when and where Ray Vander Laan will be speaking in Sugarcreek, Ohio or in the surrounding area in Ohio. I cannot locate dates and places anywhere.

    Can you help me? We heard him speak at Gull Lake and came away with learning SO MUCH!

    Thanks for your help!

  13. Sorry. I’m just another fan. You might check out his website at http://www.followtherabbi.com/Brix?pageID=1458

  14. The URL is no longer available for the “Follow the Rabbi” lectures by RVL. How can I get a hold of the mp3 files? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  15. Christi,

    Those links were just fixed! The internet is clearly demon possessed.

    I’ll see if I can get them fixed once again.

  16. Jay,
    The links work fine now. Check with David if you’d like access to some other files from RVL that I uploaded for him this morning. They, too, are from Focus on the Family, but from another time.

    Thanks again.

  17. Thanks for sending him those files. I’m looking forward to providing links to them here. I’m sure they’ll be a blessing to the readers.

  18. Just wanted to let everyone know about an upcoming opportunity to hear RVL teach/speak in the Birmingham, Alabama area. RVL will be at North Shelby Baptist Church on Nov 20-21. For more information, please go to morningstarumc.com/rvl to register and get more info.

  19. I’ll be there

    Sent from my iPhone

  20. Great! If you have any questions, please contact me at ravioli18@yahoo.com. Please spread the word !

  21. I just came home from watching Ray live tonight in Sugarcreek, OH. He will be there again on Friday and Saturday. I’ve watched his DVDs and listened to the audio for years. Watching him live in action take it to another dimension. He is teaching on Exodus. Do yourself a favor and go watch him if he is anywhere near you in the future.

  22. […] what sort of blessing Jesus said before eating. This weekend I was listening to some recordings of lessons by Ray Vander Laan, and he talked about that very thing. According to RVL, the Jewish custom is/was not to […]

  23. The teachings from RVL just blew up my mind and heart.I listened to all the lessons several times.The way I read my Bible,I pray or praise our Lord has completely changed.I will not stop sharing it to other fellow christians.Thanks RVL and Scott for the free downloads.Please share if you have more.

  24. […] in 2008, Jay Guin posted some links to some audio by Ray Vander Laan. To be honest, I rarely find the time to watch videos or listen to […]

  25. Thanks for providing these helpful links.

  26. I listened to this stuff 5 years ago, and since then have been on a quest to discover more of the same insights. I blog about it here: http://thinkhebrew.wordpress.com/



  27. I’m so excited to find these here! Thanks for posting them. Several years ago a friend gave them to me on CD and I’ve passed them on to several friends since. I just referred someone to this lecture series again today and am so glad to find an easier way to pass these along than burning multiple CDs.

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