This Month’s Christian Chronicle: We Are Losing Our Children

YouthThis month’s Christian Chronicle reports that the Churches of Christ have grown only 2.6% in the last 26 years!

The attachment does the math to see if we are even keeping our own children in the Church. The answer: We most definitely are not. We aren’t even converting enough from outside the Church to replace the growth we’ve lost from failing to convert our own children! Here are some thoughts on what has be considered an absolute disaster: We Are Losing Our Children


3 Responses

  1. […] * We are losing most of our own children and those we lose generally do not come back. Here’s the evidence. […]

  2. […] a year ago, I analyzed the figures and came to a very similar figure. However, I concluded that the real retention rate is likely […]

  3. […] This means that a 110-person increase in attendance is worth about as much as 50 years in ministry, which suggests that the longterm ministers only generate about that much in church growth. As the average church size in the study is 277, this represents a 40% increase, or an annual rate of growth of about 0.7%, which is reflective of Churches of Christ as a whole. […]

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