Born of Water

BaptismA 13-chapter book on whether baptism is essential to our salvation. Being a lawyer, I argue both sides. I then try to reach a conclusion. Born of Water. I’ve never felt that either side gave due respect to the other, and as a result, both sides have only argued their case at a very superficial level. This goes deeper than the usual polemics.


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  1. Re: “Born of Water”. You state regarding the validity of cases made for and against the necessity of baptism down through the history of the Church that due to both sides having argued their cases only “at a very superficial level” Jay Guin will finally, after 2,000 years of intellectual darkness, bestow upon the world the definitive answer to this important question. You even plan to do so at great depth – something you have castigated others for doing in the name and cause of biblical scholarship. Evidently there is a great deal of that taught in law school and the only type that is applicable to the scriptures. However, since the Holy Spirit literally tells you specifically what to say and do, it is only logical that all of your thoughts and actions would be infallible. It could not be otherwise.

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